Side seam with openwork path

You can not only work the edges with an openwork path, but also use them to connect parts and motifs.

a) to tie the edge of the canvas with columns without nakida. It is necessary that the edge should not stretch and not fall out, therefore, to tie in the rhythm of "three bars in each row, one skip." Try not to tear the thread in the strapping, “sew” in this way the side seam from the bottom of the blouse to the edge of the sleeve. Taking into account the width of the lace for lifting do 5 vp and tie the second part.

b) Turning the work inside out, we knit arches from 5v.p., with an interval of "three columns to skip, in the fourth to make a column without nakida", thus linking up to a jumper from 5 VP, which connects the parts.

c) Two ce, non-crochet column in the middle of the jumper, two ce, non-crochet column in the next part of the tying column (this column must be symmetrical to the lower part so that the tying is even)

d) Then we knit a 2 vs bundle of 3, 4, or 5 double crochets into the middle ce lower arches, two ce, column without single crochet in the upper part in the rhythm "through 3 into the fourth."

d) This is such an openwork strip instead of a side seam

e) Finishing the edge of the work neatly is very easy: five in. p, half-column in the first lower column without a crochet.

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