Simple floating candle

A simple floating candlewill help you quickly create a romantic setting and decorate the room. It is done quickly, and everything you need is in every home.

Materials and tools:

  1. vegetable oil, water, dye;
  2. plastic packaging;
  3. cork;
  4. a glass (glass) or a decorative container for water
  5. a wick (a strip of cotton, a cotton swab).

Step 1

Take a glass (glass) from water, add a dye to it, such as food, to give a greater candle effect, pour about 2 cm of vegetable oil. Take a plastic container and cut a piece in the shape of a leaf from it (you can cut any shape at will ), we make some folds and approximately on the center we make a hole for the wick. Take a wine cork and cut a piece a few millimeters thick, it will give buoyancy, and we will make a hole in the center. Then we take the wick (a cotton swab, then we cut it in half) and pass it through the holes of the leaf and the cork and drop everything into the glass (glass). We are waiting until the wick is saturated with oil and you can set it on fire - the floating candle is ready.

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