Simple water leakage alarm

Our life is unpredictable and can always happen what you least expect. For example, water may leak in a place that seemed particularly reliable. In order to react in time and learn about such a leakage of water from the initial drops - I will offer you a simple alarm option that each of you can do with your own hands. The alarm does not contain scarce parts, practically does not consume energy in standby mode, and one battery enough for more than 3 years. The minimum dimensions allow you to install the device in any place where control is necessary. This simple and not tricky device will help you and give you a signal in case of leakage. And your timely information will allow you to quickly take the necessary measures (turn off the faucet, call a plumber, etc.). This will save your property and, possibly, the property of your neighbors.
Simple water leakage alarm
I went about my neighbors, from my experience I can say that there are small leaks that do not manifest themselves (as they are in protective boxes hiding the pipes) and at one point a neighbor appears with complaints ... This alarm will relieve you from this, it will give you a signal of drip leakage instantly. And so, we will need:
  • Battery 3 V CR1632 (“tablet”). One transistor BC517, BC816 or any other NPN structure. The domestic analog is kt315, kt3102.
  • Resistor 1-2 mega ohm.
  • Buzzer, you can buy here - aliexpress.
  • The transistor plays the role of a sensitive key. A resistor does not allow the transistor to open from various false noises and high humidity. The alarm sensor is two terminals, when water gets in, to which the circuit closes and the alarm goes off, indicating water leaks. The scheme is simple. We solder according to the scheme.
    Simple water leakage alarm
    I decided to collect everything in the lid of the plastic bun. Sawed off the neck, put everything on hot melt glue. Pre-tested the detector.
    Simple water leak alarm
    The device does not need to be adjusted and adjusted and starts working immediately after power is applied.
    Simple water leakage alarm
    For longer work, you can use the elements "AA" or "AAA" ("finger" and "little finger" batteries). Then the signaling device will last for 5 years. But if the volume of the buzzer sounds not too loud, replace the battery with a 9k volt type “Krone” battery. under the washing machine, in the bathroom, behind the grille under the radiator, etc.

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