Small highlights


As you know, natural hair color is the wealth that nature has given a woman. But every lady loves change. Some are trying to bring something new to their image, others are looking for creativity. Therefore, women are looking for new ways to stand out and give their own image of nobility. A new trend in coloring hair - a small highlight. This method allows you to refresh the image, visually increase the volume of hair, make shine even dull curls. There are dozens of ways to highlight. Among them are such famous and popular ones as “California highlighting”, rare highlighting, toning, etc. But, we will consider in more detail each of them.

Small highlights

Small highlights for women of fashion

One of the most famous options for straightening strands is small highlighting. He has another name - "frequent". This method has a number of advantages over others, but it bribes women by the fact that small strands of a different tone give the hairstyle originality, and have an incredible effect. Therefore, many ladies are interested in whether it can be done at home.

One of the advantages of small highlighting is that it looks more natural than highlighting in large curls. Hair takes on a new life, plays in the sun with color changes, lends a gloss, looks great on hair of any length. This technique is a clarification (dyeing) of small strands of hair not from the roots, but departing from them up to 1 cm. In most cases, fine highlighting is done with the expectation of 1-2 tones lighter than the natural hair color, which makes it possible to look like a natural hair. Sometimes apply a few similar in tone shades of paint. After highlighting in this way, experts recommend doing hair tinting.

These advantages are the tip of the iceberg. The main problem of using this technique is that the process itself affects a large percentage of hair (40% -60%). At the same time, the action of an aggressive dye has a destructive effect on the structure of the curls.

Another significant drawback of this method of coloring hair - the complexity and duration of the process. If you are the owner of a thick and long head of hair, even a hairdresser in the salon will have to spend at least 2-3 hours on you.

Accordingly, the cost for this procedure is several times higher than the cost of highlighting other types. At home (alone), highlighting for this type of hair is not recommended. The result may not satisfy you.

However, those girls who have experienced this method are not afraid of either the duration or the cost of the procedure. In comparison with the effect that this technique results in, the problems seem insignificant. Ladies, knowing how the dyeing in the salon goes, try to master this technique on their own at home.

Small highlights using caps

Small highlighting, or "feathers", or "frequent" at home is not difficult to do. The main thing is to have time and patience. The easiest way to do this is highlighting using a special cap. If you follow all the recommendations, the result will be no worse than in a professional beauty salon.

Doing "feathers" with a hat

Specialized stores sold a set for highlighting. It includes the following components:

A cap for highlights or foil. It all depends on what method of coloring you choose;
Wide plastic brush;
Hook for pulling curls;
Porcelain, glass or plastic bowl for paint;
Paint. Choose a dye depending on your hair type. For dark curls, it should contain at least 12% oxidant. For light - 4%;
Latex or cellophane gloves.

Be sure to prepare an unnecessary towel that you cover your shoulders. Drops of paint can get on clothes and spoil them.

Small highlights

Test before use. Dissolve a small amount of paint in a bowl. Apply a smear to the inside of the wrist or elbow. The skin in these areas is thin and sensitive. If you are allergic to dye components, redness, swelling or itching (burning) will appear in five to ten minutes. In the event that you do not feel such symptoms, you can safely proceed to highlights.

Operation "feathers":

Put on a dry hair a special cap for highlighting. By the way, in the absence of it, you can use a swimming cap, in which cut holes of small diameter;
Using a hair hook, pull small strands through the holes.Try to have the same volume;
After you finish the process of pulling out the strands, paint them abundantly with a brush. This will evenly distribute the clarifier along the strands and achieve a uniform color.

The time needed to lighten the hair is indicated in the paint instructions. After that, remove the cap and wash all hair with shampoo and plenty of warm water. Be sure to apply to your hair after washing a moisturizing balm, but rather a mask.

Small highlights

Girls who make highlighting using a special (or cellophane) cap, remember that this technique applies only to short, and shoulder-length hair. If the hair is curly or very thick, consult a specialist.

Fine highlighting using foil

Lightening option that is suitable for long hair. Particularly impressive this technique looks on medium length thick hair. If in the case of a cap, the strands are colored at the same time, and you can follow the change in their color, then the packaging of each curl in foil takes too long, and you can burn the first packaged strands and not achieve the desired color in the last batch.

Therefore, for uniform coloring, call an assistant and prepare the tools and materials in advance.

So, you will need:

Comb with frequent teeth and a long sharp end. Be sure to choose a plastic or wood comb. Metallic is not suitable for work, because it is highly susceptible to oxidation;
Cut the foil into strips, the length of which is equal to the length of the hair, multiplied by 2. It is advisable to make at least 10 centimeters in the width of the strip;
Paint. Each package of paint enclosed instructions for use. Before dyeing hair carefully read it, and, in accordance with your type and color of curls, calculate the time needed to achieve the desired result;
Plastic brush, which is used to paint on curls;
Latex or cellophane gloves;
A towel that is draped over your shoulders so as not to spoil your clothes.

Small highlights

Now proceed to the process of highlighting:

Comb your hair thoroughly and divide it into parting;
Starting from the selection, choose in staggered order strands and lay them on the foil;
Apply the composition onto the strands over the foil with a brush.Hold the bottom with your second hand;
Wrap the foil so that the bottom edge coincides with the top, and gently secure with a tap. Specialty stores sell clips for foil;
Repeat this process with other strands, first on one side of the head, then on the opposite side, and then proceed to the back of the head;
To sustain the necessary time;
To wash off the paint from the curls in the order in which it was applied. This will align the effect with time.

After washing off the paint from each curl, rinse the hair with warm water and shampoo. Be sure to apply a nourishing mask or balm. After that, you can begin to tint the hair in the desired color.

Girls who have long hair should go to the services of stylists and hairdressers. Cost is expensive, but the result will amaze you. If you decide to daub at home, there is a risk to burn your hair and part with the length in order to restore their structure.

Toning, as the final stage of small highlighting

Small highlights

As a rule, to even out the main hair color after highlighting, toning is used. This method eliminates the sharp contrast transitions between the strands.Depending on what shade you intend to give your hair, choose the color of the tonic.

After you have washed off the dye with the strands and washed your hair with shampoo and balm, apply a coloring tonic on wet hair. Pre-read carefully the instructions for use. However, the method of application is the same for everyone. On the wet curls carefully distribute the tonic and massage the hair so that the color is even. After that, hold the tonic on your hair as long as you need (in accordance with the instructions). Rinse strands with plenty of warm water. Preferably, the first time after dyeing, dry the hair in a natural way - without using a hair dryer.

A few more highlighting options in the cabin

Many methods of melioration have been developed which are best done in the salon. Among them are the following:

French highlighting.

Among the advantages of French highlighting the following:

Visually increases the volume of hair;
Creates a game of highlights on the curls;
Carefully lightens hair;
This option is not based on color contrast. It is characterized by easy transitions from one tone to another.

However, this mode of highlighting is not done on dark hair. The effect of it is practically not noticeable. Light blond and blond hair literally transforms and shines.

The technique of French highlighting is based on the use of a dye that does not contain ammonia. The main component of such dyes is natural wax, which carefully cares for curls, enveloping them with a protective and regenerating film. These tools lighten curls into several tones. At the same time, strands look like golden shiny threads, similar to burnt strands. The color of such staining varies from golden to whitish. The result is bright, glowing in the sun curls.

As already mentioned, due to the fact that there is no ammonia in the dye, the hair is subjected to a careful lightening, and their structure is not disturbed. This highlight for sparse hair women really like. The effect of it is amazing, and the curls only get stronger and look healthy for a long time.

Reverse highlighting.

What is the reason for the woman's desire to change the natural hair color? For example, from a brunette to turn into a blonde.The reasons are different - from the desire to change the image to the banal fashion. However, today there are dark-haired beauties in the trend. Therefore, many ladies, approaching the ideal, return the natural hair color. This helps them reverse highlighting.

Small highlights

This method most carefully and gently returns the hair to its original color. In order to gradually achieve blond shades, the curls are colored 1-2 tones darker than the main hair color. This helps to gradually return to the original color, and hides the dark strands that have grown from the roots. At the same time, reverse highlighting gently cares for curls, leaving their main part untouched. For the weakened and burned-out lightening reagents curls - this is just a salvation.

Pros and cons of small highlighting

The advantages of highlighting small strands include the following:

With a short melirovanie hair for a long time retain the beauty and shine. This will reduce the frequency of visits to hair salons. It is now possible to visit him once every six months for correction (highlighting of regrown roots) and for the next haircut;
Small highlights hide early gray hair.

Negative moments are few, but they are worth knowing:

For those who recently dyed their hair or did a perm, highlighting is absolutely contraindicated. It can be done in no less than 30-40 days. Otherwise, the result can be unpredictable - from hair of a greenish shade to loss of strands.

Both for small and for frequent highlighting, strong, healthy hair is needed. Do not do this procedure if you have problems with curls. It will negatively affect dry and sparse curls.

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