Smart cats, which are called domestic lynx.

As you might guess from the name, the domestic lynx is cats that resemble in appearance a smaller copy of the wild animals of the same name. But they are, surprisingly, kind and loyal pets.

Cat breeds that look like lynx

If you want to purchase a breed similar to a domestic lynx, then we advise you to consider several options of representatives of the cat family. These species have characteristic external features of lynx, but differ from each other.

domestic lynx
Maine Coon - breed similar to domestic lynx
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There are two breeds of cats that look like domestic lynx:

  • pixie bob;
  • Maine Coon.

The most common cat is a pixie bob. In the people, it has a simple name that is easy to remember - a mini-lynx. This is a cat with well-developed muscles, tassels on the ears and a short tail. The animal is extremely unpretentious, is not subject to any diseases and does not shed, so its long hair will not have to comb.

This is a young breed, which was bred only in the 80s. She received an unusual name thanks to her first representative named Pixie. The cat had a bright “tail-like” appearance and 6 fingers on each paw.

Breed Maine Coon is just beginning to gain popularity among cat lovers. The peculiarity of this animal is its size. Maine Coons are considered the largest cats in the world. The weight of one animal can reach up to 15 kg. They have an elongated body, massive paws and a small head.

Cat character home lynx

The main character traits of a pixie-bob cat:

  • kindness;
  • tenderness;
  • calm;
  • dedication to master

These cats become attached to their owner, like dogs. They feel their master and all his emotions. The animal will always be with you in difficult times. This is an obedient cat with high intelligence.

Maine Coon has the following character traits:

  • kindness;
  • tenderness;
  • well developed intelligence.

These large felines are very playful. Throughout their lives, they are ready at any time of the year to have fun with their master.The owners of this breed say that the Maine Coons are not indifferent to the water. Pets are happy to play with her and therefore very often turn over their drinkers. In addition, these are very brave animals that are ready for any exploits for the sake of the owner and his loved ones.

With cats, similar to lynx, are gaining increasing popularity. These are beautiful and intelligent animals that will become real guardians of the family hearth. They will be betrayed to their master throughout their lives.

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