Spanish newt is an unusual pet.

Want to have a pet, but are not ready for regular cleaning of wool and other duties? Then choose a quiet, modest and amazing friend - a Spanish newt. But first learn how to properly care for him.

What kind of animal is that?

The Spanish newt or, as it is called otherwise, the Bosca triton belongs to the order of amphibians tailed. The name appeared thanks to Eduardo Bosca, a famous zoologist from Spain, who discovered the species. In the wild, such a triton is found in Portugal, many regions of Spain. The main habitats are various freshwater bodies, for example, streams, ditches, rivers, lakes, swamps. But the animal is found in the woods. Life expectancy can reach 7-8 years.

The body length is usually 20 centimeters, and the females are usually larger, but they have shorter limbs. The tail is compressed at the sides and occupies almost half of the entire length of the animal.A characteristic feature is that the shape of the body appears square, which is achieved due to the formed glands and the glands located in the back. And during the period of sexual activity in males there is a crest on the tail, which then disappears.

The skin of the newts is shiny and smooth, but only during the period of water habitat. With a long stay on land, it shrivels, coarsens. Body color can range from yellow to brown, and with terrestrial life can become almost black (with age, the shade becomes light). Often there is spotting. The abdomen is light, and in males during the sexual activity along the body on the sides appear silvery bands. Eyes bulging, light yellow or golden.

Where to contain?

The content of such a unique animal as the Spanish newt is, above all, in the organization of a comfortable habitat. And best of all the creature will feel in the aquarium. If you plan to have a pet, then enough capacity of 15 or 20 liters.

The necessary conditions

Caring for a newt involves creating comfortable conditions. Special attention should be paid to the following:

  • Water.First, it must be defended. So before filling the aquarium, let it stand for two days. If it is chlorinated or contains metal impurities, clean it and neutralize chlorine. And to keep the water always clean, you must install a filter.
  • You can also organize a small area of ​​land, on which the triton will be selected from the water to get a portion of oxygen.
  • Plants. They must be present in the aquarium, as they saturate the water with oxygen, purify it and create a unique microenvironment that is comfortable for tritons. You can use any algae, any special species are not required.
  • Temperature. In general, tritons can withstand temperatures from 14-15 to 25-27 degrees, but a value of 20 degrees is considered optimal. So the aquarium should be placed in the coolest room of the house or apartment. If in the winter you can put it on the windowsill, then in the summer it is much more difficult to maintain the optimum temperature. Some place the aquarium near the air conditioner (it is important that the air flow does not penetrate inside) or install special cooling units inside it.
  • "Interior".How to equip the inside of the aquarium? Laying a layer of soil is optional, but you can still use granite chips. But be sure to equip any shelters, for example, a castle or a house for fish, a clay jug, and so on. In them the newt will often hide, as in the wild nature such animals lead a rather secretive way of life, they try to avoid prying eyes and contacts with other inhabitants of the reservoir.

Power Features

What to feed the Spanish triton? They are predators, so offer them live natural food, such as earthworms, flies, moths and other insects. Also, you can sometimes include in the diet pieces of raw meat or fish, offal. But such food should be crushed to a size not exceeding the size of the mouth of the newt. Food is thrown directly into the water, where the pet will quickly find it by smell.

But you can give pieces with tweezers, shaking them a little, imitating the victim and allowing the animal to satisfy its natural hunting instincts. It is necessary to feed a young newt every day, and more adult individuals will have enough feeding every other day. After two or three years, the frequency can be reduced to once a week.But at the same time it is important to give a sufficient amount of feed so that the newt will be satisfied (it will not exceed its norm).

Tip: in the summer you can make blanks for the winter, freezing insects. But do not forget to defrost them. And for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms before serving, you can rinse food in a weak salt solution.


If you decide to breed newts, then you will be interested in information about their breeding. The mating season lasts from September to May, and puberty occurs after the first year of life. During games, females and males can make sounds similar to frog croaking, swim, clinging with their paws. The male transmits the spermatophore, and the female must grab it with a cloaca.

After fertilization, the batch of eggs will be postponed (their number can reach 1000). And at this stage, adults need to be resettled, as they can eat caviar. Ten days later, larvae will appear, which in about a week will begin to eat plankton.


Some useful tips for keeping tritons:

  1. Remember that safety comes first. Therefore, if you do not want to suffer, do not provoke a pet: do not tease him, do not put your fingers in his mouth, do not try to pinch him by the tail.If such an animal gets angry, it can become aggressive and even bite a person.
  2. Do not often take a newt in his arms. First, it can hurt him. Secondly, if you keep such a pet for a long time, it can lead to overheating, because the temperature of the human body is much higher than that at which the animal feels comfortable.
  3. After contact with Triton, it is better to wash your hands, since its mucus can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.
  4. Avoid contact with the aquarium of direct sunlight, and also do not allow the temperature to rise and overheat, this can lead to the death of the pet.
  5. Tritons can get along with other inhabitants, they are quite peaceful. But if you forget to feed your pet, then he can eat his "neighbors", so be careful and be more careful with such an animal.
  6. If the pet has damaged a limb, then soon it must recover due to the unique ability to regenerate.

Take care of the Spanish triton correctly so that he lives long and feels comfortable!

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