Squeeze the last juice from the battery

Alkaline batteries last a long time, but when their charge drops below one volt in most devices, they become useless. Usually such batteries are discarded. I propose to use the energy of the battery more efficiently and make a simple flashlight by itself, which will work in the range of 1-0.5 volts. Here is his device.
Please note that the light is pretty bright.
This is a normal converter for an ultra bright LED. It is quite simple and requires a minimum of detail.
I will not explain in detail how this converter works, you can find out about it in our last article, where we did a similar construction.
What we need:
The most crucial element in the manufacture of this transformer is wound on a toroidal core. The core can be used similar, with a diameter of 0.5 to 3 centimeters of any magnetic permeability.The main thing is to wind it correctly, carefully look at the drawings.

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