Stars in Law: Hollywood's Top Cleptomaniac

They seem to have everything, but they still lack something! Gum, lighter, diamonds, clothing from department stores - all of this and much more was found in our today's heroes by the surprised guards of the shops, who caught red-handed celebrities kleptomanes. Let's find out which celebrity likes to grab someone else's!
Lindsey Lohan
This is the coat Lindsay Lohan stole from a Russian student
Photo: Photo Archives

Despite the huge fees of Lindsay Lohan, the most “bad girl” in Hollywood is always pulling in someone else's money. Thus, the actress was repeatedly accused of attempting to steal jewelry, clothing and accessories from filming.

The largest “catch” of Lindsay is a light mink coat at the cost of $ 11 thousand. The fur coat of a girl simply took out from the wardrobe of a nightclub in which she rested. The hostess of a fur coat, by the way, a Russian student, did not immediately realize that her favorite thing was in the hands of a star.Later, when she saw the pictures in one of the magazines, the student recognized her coat and demanded that the actress’s representatives return the item.

The coat came back to the hostess, however, in an extremely shabby condition. A Russian lawyer demanded compensation from Lindsay in the amount of $ 10 thousand, which Lohan had to pay in order not to be imprisoned again.

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