Stars who caught loved ones in bed with others

Their stories are like an old joke about an early return of a spouse or a banal situation from a stupid movie.

It�s one thing to find out about someone�s love affair with someone�s words, and it�s another thing to see the fact of treason with your own eyes.

Naomi Campbell

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�Finally, I met a man even more passionate than myself,� said happy and loving Naomi. Even the language barrier did not become an obstacle to their romance, which lasted a year. She did not know the belmesa in Spanish, and he - in English. Perhaps Joaquin Cortes, in the fiery flamenco dance, told Naomi in such a detailed and intelligible way about her passionate love for her that the dark-skinned beauty believed him and felt a reciprocal feeling. However, the relationship did not last long, even without leaving the "ashes of memories." One day, the Black Panther came to Joaquin's home without warning. The girl was in for an unpleasant surprise: the passionate Spaniard slept sweetly in their beds not alone.Rumor has it that a shocked supermodel jumped out of a window. The benefit of the floor was the first, and Naomi got off with a slight bruise and an incredible psychological trauma. And they still wonder why she is so nervous ...

Sharon osbourne

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Ozzie's wife had to go through a lot of troubles and troubles, and most of them brought her pious. The eternal struggle with alcoholism, dependence on illicit drugs, inadequate behavior in public, numerous intrigues on the side, scandals and quarrels. Sharon several times rushed to file for divorce, but her serious illness rallied the spouses. For a while. After defeating cancer, happy Sharon was delighted with her husband's care and was already hoping that Ozzy had settled down completely. But, as they say, the gray hair of a beard is a fringe. And at one point, Sharon about the �ostepened� husband in the arms of his own hairdresser Michel! The old fornicator admitted that the affair with Michelle has been going on for quite a long time and he is even thinking about marrying her. Sharon did not think long and filed for divorce. It's funny, but the woman did not destroy everything right and left (although she is the owner of a very explosive nature).Ozzie and Sharon are still friends and have a common business.

Elin nordegren

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The wife of Tiger Woods took the betrayal is not as calm as Sharon Osborne. Temperamental beauty blonde in a fit of rage beat her golfer husband with his own club! The one that he "filled" a multi-million dollar state, which made him one of the richest athletes in the world. Erin was also the victim of an early arrival home: her husband at that time enjoyed socializing with a priestess of love, whose services, as it turned out, he often used. Offended, Erin raised all the bills, conducted an investigation and found out that Tiger had changed her marriage with 18 (!) Girls of a specific profession for the entire time of their marriage. Having collected all the evidence, Erin began to divorce and sued her husband 750 million dollars!

Mike Tyson

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The storm of all ears still claims that his ex-spouse Robin Givens cheated on him with a handsome Hollywood and then still very young ... Brad Pitt! They say that once he returned home, he found an insolent in the marital bed, which turned out to be too agile and ran away. Mike rushed in after him. Judging by the fact that Brad's ears are all right, I did not catch up.The actor does not respond to the charges of the boxer, and Robin recalls with horror Mike and his flashes of rage motivated by jealousy.

Elizabeth Hurley

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Her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant in bed with another caught the whole world! More precisely, not in bed, but in the car. What made the British actor change the gorgeous beauty with a girl of easy virtue is still not clear. Hugh justifies his act with a disease - sex addiction (that is, an irrepressible burden to sex): they say, he did not understand what he was doing at that moment. The couple was arrested by the police for their immoral and indecent behavior in a public place, and the next day all the tabloids were full of photos of the detained Hugh Grant and his passions. Elizabeth silently left the traitor.


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All were simply touched by the harmony reigning in their family. The singer was very concerned about the safety of his wife - blonde beauty model Heidi Klum. For this, he hired a bodyguard who was supposed to protect his beloved. But the guy obviously overdid it. Yes, and how could he resist the charms of a superb supermodel: Heidi was active in giving the guard attention.Soon, simple flirting reached hot hugs and kisses. Heidi�s husband was alarmed by the overly friendly relationship of the faithful and her guard, and he decided to follow the couple. After what he saw, Sil left the house, slamming the door. The couple is still trying to avoid each other at social events.

Mia farrow

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One day she lost her husband and daughter. No, Woody Allen and his adopted daughter Sun-Yi Previn are all right, they are alive and well. And they live together ... Now the famous director claims that he never designed the custody of Song and cannot be considered a stepfather of a girl. Despite the 35-year age difference, the couple have been together for 20 years!

Song was only 21 when she began dating her stepmother's spouse. For a long time, Mia did not suspect anything. Until I found the "naked" photographs of the adopted daughter on the table of her husband. A grand scandal broke out that almost put an end to Woody�s career as a director. Sun steadfastly defended her beloved in all court hearings. Unhappy Mia just gave up and erased from her life both of her once beloved people.

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