Strict diet: how to withstand and not to break with it?

The question of diet selection is not worth today as a problem. Because it has become fashionable, and on the Internet you can find decent ways to lose weight. Or you can always consult a nutritionist. The main thing is to have time for it. But there is another problem: how to sustain a diet. Because you can always come up with an excuse not to finish the job.
How to withstand a diet and not to break it
How to withstand a diet and not to break with it?
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How to withstand a diet and not to break?

Not so hard to find a diet, how to sustain it.

Scientists believe that there are several reasons why a breakdown occurs during a diet:

  • Weak willpower. When a person is looking for excuses. For example, “there will be nothing from one piece” or “not throwing it away”
  • Influence from the outside. When friends call in a cafe or at home, you need to prepare food for other family members. Or in the office when ordering a corporate lunch, when you do not want to stand out
  • Immunity of the body. When he lacks some vitamins due to too strict diet
  • Bored taste. The most popular and effective ones are diets of one product, when you eat the same thing for a week or two. It just bothers the person, he throws diets and goes to eat something else
  • Improper diet. For example, when it is advised to eat several small portions, but two large portions are eaten to compensate for everything that has not been eaten.

Therefore, in order not to break, we must first observe these rules:

  • First, a consultation with a doctor, then a diet.
  • To maintain a strict diet alone is difficult. Therefore it is necessary to connect family, friends. If they do not comply with it, then at least do not provoke not to proper nutrition.
But only if they themselves agree to this - no forced diets!
  • No products in the house that do not fit the diet
  • Refusal of guests to the house, from common dinners to the completion of the case
  • Know all the nuances of the diet before it starts.
  • Always drink plenty of water

We must not forget why all this is given. Motivational posters, reminders on the phone, notes, posts on social networks.

To maintain a strict diet: a softer approach

There are several points in which you can cheat, following a strict diet.For example, there are almost no diets that do not include drinking green or herbal tea. Therefore, we must boldly experiment in this direction: different types and varieties of tea. Or a mixture of herbs in herbal tea. This will allow to relieve hunger and give new tastes.

The second trick is to approach a strict diet slowly, preparing yourself and the body

Gradually, excluding products, starting to do it with sugar and coffee. Then you can remove bananas, flour, tomatoes. And so gradually come to the desired strict diet.

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