Stylish neoprene outerwear (11 photos)

Innovations are spreading in all spheres of our life, and the fashion industry is no exception. One of the latest innovations, which today is constantly on the ear, has become fashionable and very unusual clothes made of neoprene, a special "material of the future."

What kind of clothes is this and what to wear? Today we will tell all the details of the novelty, its advantages and disadvantages, and if you are interested, we will even tell you where to find such unusual clothes.

So neoprene. What is he like? This is a synthetic material that is called a foamed form of rubber. Its special structure, which, if you look well, resembles multiple cells of honeycombs, has a large stock of positive properties: it is a waterproof, lightweight and extremely elastic material.

It is not surprising that with such "abilities" it is actively used to create suits for surfing and diving, as well as sew clothes for tourists.

The first neoprene was created by the American company DuPont back in 1930, however, fashionable clothes in the form of coats, jackets, dresses and other elements of the wardrobe began to appear on world catwalks only a few years ago. By the way, initially it was used only for industrial purposes, mainly because of an unpleasant smell.

Over time, they worked on its composition, the material got its own name, and also lost a sharp smell, after which it was acquired by companies that began to produce products from it. With it, they covered sports equipment, such as dumbbells, made wristbands, bandages, as well as wetsuits and even underwater masks. Most importantly, he kept his form perfectly, did not get wet, and was distinguished by real ease.

At the end of the first decade of the XXI century, the collection of the famous designer of the fashion brand Balenciaga, who literally embodied all the futuristic ideas of the future, went on sale. Clear lines, a strict cut and unusual patterns in combination with neoprene reproduced a huge sensation in the world of high fashion.

It was followed by other fashion houses, such as Versace, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang and others.Literally everything began to be made of neoprene, but it was the outerwear that took hold of coats, jackets and sweatshirts that became particularly popular in everyday life.

Unusual forms in a stylish performance

And the popularity of such things is explained quite simply: they are ideal for the autumn-winter period! Often, neoprene clothing has laconic forms, austere and even futuristic cut, with its help it's so simple to look stylish and very fashionable.

In addition, it saves warmth well - even in a thin coat of such material you are unlikely to freeze, so think again before selecting underwear. In order not to look too catchy and deliberately bright, you can choose models from monochromatic colors with simple lines, which today claim to be the title of modern classics.

In all the photos, where the models show neoprene clothes, you can see how well he emphasizes feminine forms, he always looks elegant and very interesting. Another advantage of this material is its ability to repel dirt, as well as various microbes and microorganisms, so that it is rare to erase such things.

If you decide to purchase a coat or jacket made of neoprene, then be sure that they will retain their original shape for a long time - this is another of its positive qualities. If you are a lover of bright colors, then here you will find luck, because the clothes of such material are often performed in the most unexpected and bright shades of colors.

The only question that remains is how to care for such things? Everything is very simple: it is impossible to wash them in the washing machine, of course, because there is a spin mode that can spoil the look of such clothes.

It is ideal to soak them for half an hour in warm water (about 30 °) in a soapy solution. Chemicals are not recommended because they contain substances that can destroy the structure of the fabric.

Drying such coats should be carried out directly on the hangers, away from heating appliances and direct sunlight. In general, you need to say that with washing you have to bother very rarely. Perhaps the only drawback of neoprene is that the skin under it cannot breathe, so these things are not recommended to be worn for longer than 3-4 hours, after all, synthetics are synthetics.

On the other hand, due to its rapid popularity, they are now actively working on this shortcoming, and who knows, in a couple of years, such fabrics as neoprene may be completely supplanted by the rest.

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