Subtlety and nuances of industrial style in the interior

Design design is an interesting, but at the same time complex process, because you need to take into account so many little things! And if you like simplicity and easy negligence, pay attention to the industrial style.

What is this style?

The industrial style originated in New York and began to spread throughout Europe in the 90s of the last century. And its development began in abandoned warehouses and industrial premises, which gradually began to be mastered.

At first they were used for arranging restaurants, hotels and bars, but then they began to “settle down”, that is, to be used as residential ones. And although now these premises are practically not used for such purposes, the style remained and became very popular.

Main features

Features of industrial style in the interior:

  • Large areas. Warehouses have always been large, and this feature has become fundamental to the style.Therefore, a small room in this style is better not to make out, it will look ridiculous.
  • Rough and untreated surfaces. It can be concrete or brick walls, covered with a single layer of paint or not painted at all, concrete or wooden floor.
  • The abundance of metal and concrete. Such materials are considered basic and are used everywhere, others are practically not found.
  • Restrained and calm, sometimes even boring tones. But they will not seem gloomy if you use them correctly and follow some tips.

To be or not to be?

The industrial style is very specific, so not everyone will appreciate it. So, he certainly will like the brutal and appreciate the simplicity and restraint in the whole man, especially lonely. But a romantic girl in such a room can be uncomfortable, like a child.

There are some requirements for the room. Immediately it is worth noting that the direction will look more harmonious in the house than in the apartment, although in a spacious studio it may well fit in. But most importantly, the area was sufficient and even redundant, because usually in the industrial style make up large rooms (about 90-100 square meters).

Color spectrum

You should start with the basic tones, they will set the overall atmosphere and correctly play with the features of the style. Your task is to emphasize a certain severity of the room, because it is worth remembering that, according to the concept, it has not a residential purpose, but an industrial one. And such colors as dirty-red, all shades of gray, pale blue, brown, black, beige will help to achieve this. To make the room brighter and fresher white will help, it can also be actively used.

Color accents are permissible, but they should not be excessively bright, deep tones are welcome, for example, maroon, blue. Try diluting the base tone with red, yellow or bright red.

Tip: to create a multi-faceted effect of space, try using different shades of the same color. Different depth of tones and monochrome gamma will expand the boundaries of space and refresh the design, but not overload it with variegation.

Finishing work

The finish should be such that it creates a feeling of minimal surface treatment or its absence. And this can be achieved by using materials characteristic of the style: concrete, brick, metal, wood.For example, walls can be left concrete and painted in a single layer or decorated with decorative brickwork. And you can combine these two ways.

The floor can be covered with boards, but do not forget to treat them with antifungal agents. Painting is allowed. Appropriate will be the self-leveling floor, creating the effect of a concrete screed. But its color should be muffled and calm, the ideal option would be gray.

The ceiling is best to whitewash or color. And to emphasize the industrial concept, decorate it with wooden beams, which can later be used to install lighting fixtures.


The furniture is simple and allegedly actively used earlier. Metal parts are welcome, so the shelves can be replaced with a rack made of metal. Will be appropriate and popular previously covered with leather chairs on steel legs.

In the living room, put a simple sofa with legs, covered with a rough cloth. The kitchen will acquire the features of an industrial style if it is furnished with laconic bar stools and a metal table (the table top can be glass).If you decide to arrange a bedroom in the chosen direction, then you must purchase a metal bed with high legs and a headboard made of twigs.

Window decoration

So that the room does not seem dark, gloomy and uninhabited, provide sufficient natural light. And it will help to make a big window. But it is also important to decorate it correctly. Curtains will definitely be irrelevant, especially heavy. The best option is blinds. Firstly, they will support the basic concept, and secondly, they will let the sun's rays through.


If during the day the light comes from the window, then at night it will be necessary to provide artificial lighting. Forget about the big chandelier right away, it will not exactly fit into the industrial interior. Replace it with local lights, it is not only stylish, but also convenient, because you can adjust the degree of illumination.

It is advisable to choose simple mobile devices with metal shades. You can mount them on the ceiling or on beams, on the walls and even on various pieces of furniture. Floor lamps are also relevant, but necessarily appropriate concepts.

An interesting technique is the lighting of work surfaces or storage areas.It is very simple to equip it: it is enough to let the LED strip around the perimeter of a piece of furniture or a single piece.


In the photo you can see that the decor should be restrained, but it is not worth refusing it. And it is desirable to use objects in ordinary life not performing the function of decoration. These can be posters, advertising booklets or billboards, road signs, car parts or tools and so on.

The photo on the walls will help to bring a bit of comfort into the room, but in simple frames. And to add some raisin, use a figurine or anthropogenic installation created from household items or tools.


Some tips:

  1. If you got a room with not hidden communications, then you should not disguise them. Various vents and pipes, beams and other similar elements will emphasize the style and give it a special charm.
  2. To make the room look even more stylish and harmonious, you can choose a specific concept of industrial style. This may be the so-called factory industrial, trucking, aerospace or port.Choosing a specific direction, supplement it with thematic elements. For example, the automotive concept can be supported with various parts, road signs and other accessories.
  3. Keep it clean!

Make every effort to make the room, decorated in industrial style, has become stylish and comfortable.

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