Surgical steel rings for men

Stainless steel

This metal in Russia is called surgical or medical steel, but this term is incorrect. Correct to say "stainless" steel grade 316L. The material is used for the manufacture of medical instruments, tableware, cutlery, parts of electronic equipment and jewelry. This is a steel alloy of increased strength, which does not oxidize, does not rust, does not lose its presentation for decades. Thanks to the listed properties, surgical steel is suitable for daily wear.

Medical stainless steel is nicknamed for its hygiene and the absence of harmful substances, which allows the implantation of steel elements in the human skeleton.

Advantages of surgical steel in comparison with gold and silver:

  • Mirror shine that does not tarnish over the years;
  • Increased strength, resistance to impact and scratches;
  • The ability to create a mirror and matte surface;
  • Resistance to oxidation;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Affordable cost.

Surgical Steel Jewelry

Jewelers make from medical steel a lot of man's ornaments and accessories:

  • Bracelets;
  • Chains;
  • Cigarette cases;
  • Clock;
  • Cufflinks.
Surgical steel rings for men

Ring of steel, Okami;steel ring, Okami(prices link)

The most popular use of surgical steel in the field of men's accessories is rings, rings and seals. How to choose a suitable stainless steel jewelry for a man? Consider all the options.

Men's Steel Rings

The cost of such products depends on the manufacturer and design, ranging from 500 rubles.

  • Smooth laconic rings of surgical steel will suit business men who prefer classic and restraint.
  • Steel men's rings with ornaments, inscriptions, hieroglyphs or runes will be loved by creative people who are fond of history, archeology and culture.
  • Rings of steel with a futuristic design or three-dimensional engraving will delight men who stand out against the background of the total mass, prefer to dress informally.
  • The steel rings encrusted with gems suit confident men who watch their style and like women.

Surgical steel male rings

The main difference between the ring and the ring is the size. The width of the ring does not exceed 5-6 mm, and the ring is more massive.

Men's rings with large precious stones are a popular attribute of cinema influential mafia, eccentric politicians and pop stars. Not every man will wear a fancy ring with a sparkling stone, attracting the attention of others.

Steel men's fingers with first-order precious stones (diamond, sapphire or ruby) will be appreciated by powerful men who took place in their personal life and career.

Surgical steel rings for men

Ring made of steel with cubic zirkonia, SG;ring made of steel, SG(prices link)

Original rings with semiprecious crystals will suit creative people who love the attention of the public and women.

Steel Signs

Signet is a heavy ring with a flat frontal surface, which shows something close to the owner.

Medical steel - the most popular material for the manufacture of men's signets. The properties of this metal have something in common with the character traits of a real man: resilience and practicality.

In jewelry stores, there are many options for steel seals, which are in demand among men. Popular forms of men's seals of steel:

  • Skull;
  • Cross;
  • Coat of arms of Russia;
  • Wolf or bear;
  • Native American masks or characters;
  • Egyptian patterns;
  • Abstract images.

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