Ten most interesting hats for brides

By choosing a wedding dress, any bride is responsible and reverently. But not everyone uses a familiar veil as a headdress. Some choose more unusual and beautiful options.

10 most beautiful hats for brides:

  1. In Germany, in some regions of the bride on the most important day put on the head wreaths, woven from myrtle. But this was not always the case: until the 19th century, crowns of different models were used as a headdress, but always green. And the costumes of the groom, bridesmaids and guests were decorated with sprigs of myrtle or their images. But later, brides from such a plant began to weave wreaths, and over time they completely replaced the previously used crowns. This headpiece symbolized the chastity and innocence of the bride. Also, the Germans believe that if you keep the branches of a wreath at home, it will give the family peace, happiness and love.
  2. In South Africa, Zulu brides wear a wedding dress on the head of the Isicolo - a wide trapezoid headdress.Previously, girls had to sacrifice their hair: they shaved it off and, with the help of ocher and fat, made it stiff and shaped like a hat. But such a hat has undergone a lot of changes: first, the hair was mixed with threads and herbs, and then completely replaced with yarn. Today, isicholo are embroidered with beads, and each small bead has a special meaning. Thus, the dress of the Zulu bride consists of a headdress, beads and a skirt, the chest remains naked.
  3. In Norway, instead of the usual for many veils used the crown, and a special one. Its base is silver or copper, always decorated with bells or balls on chains. While walking, the headdress emits distinctive sounds, and such bells, as indigenous Norwegians believe, help scare away the bride and her second half of evil spirits. By the way, it is not necessary to buy this headdress, because you can rent it: borrow it from a wealthy family that owns this item or from the church (the church crown is considered a symbol of the maiden innocence).
  4. In Bulgaria, there is an ethnic group Pomaks, and their wedding ceremonies are amazing, as can be clearly seen in the photos taken in the places where people live.The main headdress of the local brides is a bright red veil, which covers the girl's head. She symbolizes loyalty and devotion to her future husband and is complemented by bright makeup. The face is covered with white paint and signs, decorated with sparkles. Also, the outfit is decorated with silver threads and artificial flowers. Before the ceremony, the bride goes out to the guests who carefully examine her, like a jewel. The face remains covered with a veil until the young people receive the blessing of the mullah.
  5. The dress of the Yemeni bride should be certainly decorated with silver, and abundantly. It is believed that the more metal she takes on herself, the happier and stronger her marriage will be. Silver may be present in the costume in the form of pendants, bracelets, earrings and beads. The bride's head is covered with a special cape (it is called a taj), and a gargush is put on top of it, which is a certain bezel with numerous pendants protecting a pair and scaring evil spirits.
  6. Wedding traditions in different parts of the world are very different: for example, in Kazakhstan, brides wear a traditional Kazakh cap - saukele. He was decorated with feathers, and his height could reach 60-70 centimeters.And the higher this headdress, the more educated and respecting national traditions was considered a girl. Also there was a sign: if the bride, entering the groom's house, touches the feathers of the upper part of the door, then it will certainly bring happiness. Saukele must be beautiful, because the wedding is a special occasion. The conical base used to be covered with silk, velvet and other expensive fabrics, decorated with feathers, supplemented with stones, each of which promised the bride and the groom something good. It could take several months to make a wedding cap, and it cost as much as a herd of horses.
  7. Wedding ceremonies of some countries of the world are amazing and unusual. For example, in Turkmenistan, all brides wear a headdress, called Khasab. Its frame was traditionally made of fabrics interconnected by dense dough. The result was a kind of helmet, the height of which could reach 20-30 centimeters or more. On the upper part lay grass twisted into bundles, and on top of them wound a section of red silk, which personified the magical power of nature and was a symbol of fertility and grace.The headdress was embroidered with ribbons, and coins were hung on them, as well as various silver and gold jewelry, girls reaching for the forehead and temples and considered to be talismans.
  8. In Armenia, it was previously decided to wear a skullcap at a wedding. As a dress, a white dress was used, with an incredibly beautiful and embroidered with stones. The headdress was complemented by a translucent white fabric laid in several tiers, resembling a familiar veil. But such a tradition, unfortunately, is gradually leaving, and modern Armenian girls are increasingly choosing European-style outfits.
  9. In Afghanistan, the burqa is used as the main headdress of the bride. Moreover, Muslim girls wear a more open version - hijab, and it can be embroidered with stones and beads. Afghan brides are forbidden to supplement the burqa in any way: it should be simple, but white. Thus, the girl’s face is completely hidden, and a small “window” sewn from mesh or transparent fabric is left for review.
  10. In many European countries, the veil is used to this day, and it symbolizes the innocence, purity and chastity of the bride.According to tradition, white fabric protected the bride from evil eye, bad looks and envy of rivals, and also protected the happiness of the young. The headdress was kept after the wedding and became a talisman: they covered the sick babies to speed up their recovery. And, of course, the veil is incredibly beautiful and feminine.

And which wedding dress would you choose?

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