The advantages and disadvantages of reed tanning

Summer has come, and all the girls dream of a beautiful and even tan. But prolonged exposure to the sun and exposure to ultraviolet radiation have a very negative effect on the skin condition and are very harmful. But how to be? Give up the dream of becoming a "chocolate"? No, you can simply select and try on a reed tan.

What it is?

What is a reed tan? In fact, this is a special formulation on the skin containing a component such as dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Despite the long frightening name, such a substance is absolutely safe for humans.


DHA is obtained from their reeds, hence the name tan. This component in the lotion does not penetrate into the blood and has no negative effect on the skin, that is, it is absolutely harmless and safe.

But how does dihydroxyacetone work? It reacts with protein molecules of the horny layer of the skin.As a result of this reaction, special pigment cells of the skin are produced, melanocytes, which give it a dark beautiful shade.

How to get such a tan?

To get a uniform and beautiful reed tan, you should go to a beauty salon that provides such services. At home, applying the composition to the skin is also possible, but the quality of the final color in this case is not always high.

Alternative to tanning beds

If you still decide to do everything at home or on your own, then purchase a special tool containing DHA. The desired skin tone is determined by the concentration of the substance in the composition (the higher the percentage, the darker your skin will be). Apply the composition evenly and on the whole body will be quite difficult, so it is better to ask for help from your other half or, for example, to a friend.

If you plan to carry out the procedure regularly, it is best to purchase a special dispenser, which will greatly facilitate the task. But still it will not be easy to cope with everything on your own, and pollution cannot be avoided, so it is better to go to a specialist.

How is the procedure in the salon?

  1. To begin with, you will be asked to get rid of your outerwear and stay in a bathing suit, and also put a hat on your head that will protect your hair from dyeing.
  2. A special protective cream will be applied to your nails and the skin around them to protect these areas from staining.
  3. A specialist using a special device that produces a lotion under pressure and sprays it, will apply the composition to your body. The method of spraying and professionalism of the master will allow to achieve a perfectly even color and uniform application, so that there will be no white or dark spots.
  4. After a few minutes your skin color will change. But the master will ask you to remain in your position for another 10 minutes to let the lotion dry on your skin.
  5. Then you can get dressed and go home.

How long will the tan keep?

Usually, a cane tan lasts 1-2 weeks. Everything will depend on the characteristics of your skin and care for it. Then the procedure can be repeated.

How to prepare for the procedure?

For an instant tan to be even and last longer, you need to prepare for the procedure. Here is what this training includes:

  • To keep the color longer, before the procedure, make a peeling using a body scrub.This will remove the dead skin cells and prolong the effect (because if the lotion is applied to the old keratinized layer, it will soon come along with an unnecessary part of the skin).
  • Do not use decorative cosmetics.
  • Do not use any moisturizing cosmetics, especially moisturizing, since the skin should be as dry as possible, which will allow the composition to absorb better into it.
  • Deodorants should also not be used, like perfume.
  • Just before the session, your skin should be clean and completely dry.

What to do after the procedure?

Be tanned and beautiful

How to fix the result and prolong the effect? Here are some rules and features of skin care:

  • Do not wear tight clothing after the procedure, it will simply erase everything from the skin. It is better to wear something free and dark (so that you can not see any possible contaminants).
  • On the first day, do not use cosmetics, do not wear jewelry.
  • On the same day, do not plan any other procedures.
  • Avoid perspiration in the first 6-8 hours after the session, since the secretion of sweat can react with the components of the lotion and change the skin tone, worsening the result.So do not exercise, do not be in the heat.
  • Avoid skin contact with water in the first 8-12 hours after the procedure. After a specified period of time, you can take a shower, but without using sponges or sponges, especially hard. You may find brown water flowing from you, but this is quite normal, because the remnants of the lotion that has not been absorbed into the skin will be removed. Then, swab the entire body with a towel.
  • 1-2 weeks after the procedure, do not use aggressive products for bathing, choose soft. From the use of rigid sponges refuse, choose soft towels.
  • For 1-2 weeks it is not recommended to use scrubs and do peeling. Epilation is also contraindicated.
  • Also it is not recommended to visit the sauna, swimming pool, sauna. When on the beach, protect your skin from direct sunlight. Remember that sea water will reduce the duration of the lotion.
  • Try not to wear overly tight clothing, especially from rough fabrics, the composition can wear off the skin.
  • Regularly moisturize the skin, this will noticeably prolong the effect. Dry skin peels much faster, so in this case, the tan will quickly come off.On moisturized skin, it will last noticeably longer.

Advantages and disadvantages

Instant tan has its pros and cons. First, we list its advantages:

  • This tan is safe and harmless, making it accessible to everyone. You can not be afraid of unexpected and unpleasant consequences. But about tanning in the sun or in a solarium can not be said.
  • This procedure is suitable for all skin types, including soft and delicate. Light-skinned girls who are contraindicated with a regular tan can not worry too, they will get a beautiful golden natural shade.
  • It is absolutely not painful! Unpleasant sensations also will not.
  • The risk of allergies is minimal.
  • It's fast! The result is noticeable almost immediately.
  • Skin color will be smooth and beautiful, because the application is uniform.

Now it is worth listing the shortcomings:

  • Such a tan lasts no more than two weeks, which is not so much (especially when compared with a tan obtained on the beach or in a solarium).
  • Lotion may stain clothes, but only for the first time.
  • There are some limitations, compliance with which may prolong the effect.

Issue price

How much is a reed tan? Prices can vary from 500 to 1,200 rubles, it all depends on the particular beauty salon to which you apply.Also, some masters go to their homes (they will need to pay for the road) or take them at home (often it is cheaper).

Now you know all the features of reed tan. If you care about your skin, choose this way of giving the skin a beautiful golden hue.

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