The best creams for combination skin

To date, the cosmetic industry offers a huge number of caregivers of a wide variety of formats: fluids, milk, whey, etc. But despite this, creamy products remain the most popular and effective so far. But how to choose a good cream for combination skin? The answer to this question, as well as other useful information relating to this topic - read below.

How to choose a cream for combination skin

What you need to consider when choosing a cream for combination skin

The combined type, most often, involves a combination of a dry and oily zones or normal skin. This variety has more advantages than the dry or oily type, but nevertheless, it also needs competent and regular care.

For the mixed type, the main problem becomes the care of the T-shaped zone, in which the activity of the sebaceous glands is much higher than in other parts of the face. For this reason, each site requires separate care.

When choosing a cream for combination skin, pay attention to its consistency and composition. The tool should not be dense, oily and create a sense of the mask. Well, if the composition will include anti-inflammatory and bactericidal components (for example, essential oils or extracts of medicinal plants).

How to choose a cream for combination skin

When choosing a day cream, be sure to look for a product that has anti-inflammatory and matting effects. The thing is that in the period of wakefulness. glands work much more actively than during sleep. The components of these creams do an excellent job with bacteria, causing inflammation and the formation of comedones, and for a long time prevent the appearance of oily sheen.

How to use the cream for mixed skin

The very first and important rule of carrying out any beauty treatment is face cleaning. It is desirable to wash with cool water, as the low temperature perfectly narrows the pores and improves blood circulation in the lower layers of the epidermis. Apply the product should be a thin layer, after which it is useful to make a tapping massage.

How to choose the right cream for combination skin

Review of creams for combination skin

Natura Siberica day cream.Contains Japanese Sophora extract, hyaluronic and ascorbic acid, a complex of UV-filters. Suitable for any age.

Oriflame "Active Oxygen". Humidifies, saturates the dermis with oxygen, improves the complexion, matiruet. The components contained in the composition of the product protect the epidermis from the harmful effects of a bad environment.

If you are looking for a suitable cream for combination skin, then we recommend to pay attention to Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 (for ladies over 35 years old) and L’Oréal Paris, NUDE MAGIQUE BB-cream (for young skin). These tools perfectly mask imperfections, matting and moisturizing. The product from the Clinics also has a powerful sunscreen complex.

How to choose the right cream for combination skin

Judging by the reviews of creams for the mixed type, for a start it is better to purchase a tester or a mini format of the product. Since the face of each of us has its own individual characteristics, it is sometimes very difficult to decide what is appropriate and what is not. Remember, there are no bad or super-good universal remedies, you need to look for your own, and these tips will only help you in your search.

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