The house in which a man wants to return: how he looks

In order to become irresistible in the eyes of men, women go to great lengths, and even their own walls can help them increase their attractiveness if they are decorated accordingly.

1. Soft tissue

The most important thing in sexuality at home is tactile sensations. Get the highest quality sheets and silk pillowcases for the bedroom. On the sofas there should be enough soft pillows and blankets, in which you will want to bury with your half!

2. Scattered light

Nothing kills a romantic mood like harsh lighting. Conversely, soft light helps to relax, hide flaws and enhances attraction.

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3. Bold design

Risky design preferences increase sexuality. Try to combine different styles. Or experiment with the same colors: for example, a large black and white pattern with smaller geometric patterns for balance.

4. Metal accents

This is one of the easiest ways to raise your design to a new level, and they are combined with almost anything. Gold, silver, bronze and copper in the decor will add to your home glamor and sexual energy.

5. Leather and fur

Leather and fur accents will give a modern and bold look to your apartment. You can be creative by creating different combinations of them,. And for this, artificial leather and fur are quite suitable.

6. Exquisite shades of jewelry

This year it is one of the most popular trends in design. Dark blue, green and purple colors are very effective in the bedroom and in the living room. You can paint in them one wall or the whole room, turning it into a sensual paradise.

7. Black walls

As an alternative to the previous relaxed colors, you can use a more muted black color. It is no less exciting and is always associated with an intimate setting.

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8. Fresh flowers

There is nothing more romantic than fresh flowers, but do not wait until your partner gives you a bouquet. Create your own compositions from attractive shades of pink, white and red and arrange them throughout the house.

9.Romantic works of art

To frankly express your wishes, hang the appropriate graphic images in all places that lack sex appeal. However, it is advisable that they be with humor, so as not to scare your loved one.

10. Mirrors

It is not necessary to mirror the ceiling in the bedroom, but a few strategically placed mirrors can have a big effect.

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