The intrigue of the day: why Irina Sheik foil on her head

Why did she turn her head around this thing ?! Supermodel Irina Shayk on a beach holiday, exposing her body as much as possible, completely shook her head ... with foil! Woman’s Day found the answer to the question “why ?!”.

Snapshots of the model on vacation made noise. First, microbikinis and a little bit of a floated figure, Shake, caused a lot of gossip. Secondly, the strange foil cap on the beauty's head served as a pretext for talking and jokes. Resourceful fans showered assumptions: "shielded from aliens," "protected from reading thoughts - let competitors tremble!", "Every girl considers herself a candy, and a good candy needs a wrapper!".

Jokes are jokes, but Woman’s Day believes that Irina Shayk is sane, and her brilliant actions should be no less brilliant in their simplicity explanation. Therefore, we asked the experts what the purpose of this cap could be. And heard very practical tips that you need to shake on the mustache.

Option 1: a mask for hair.

Alena Morozova, director of model agency“Exclusive”, shared such life hacking.

“The girls from our model agency use a similar way when they make a mask for hair. Apply the product to the hair, then put a plastic bag over the head, wrap a terry towel on top - the warmer, the better the mask works. ”

Option 2: treatment of the hair structure.

Marina Danilina, System Professional expert, stylist SP MEN of the Ural region, hairdresser-designer of the ReStyle salon:

"There is a professional Sebastian care technology to restore the damaged hair structure, which suffered, perhaps after dyeing or after sun exposure: a care product is applied to the strands - balm, conditioner - after that the strands are wrapped in foil and ironed to increase the temperature of the product . The foil itself creates the effect of a thermos, plus the temperature rises even more from the ironing - this improves the penetration of the drug into the hair. ”

Life hacking hair care
Photo: Splash / East News

Option 3: fashionable coloring

Now there are many fashionable painting techniques - degrade, ombre, shatush and so on.Of course, in order to achieve the perfect result, you need to contact specialists in beauty salons, where you will be brightened or toned in several stages. But there are paints, gel-creams for home use, which will help to create the effect of burnt hair.

Such funds can be applied to all the hair or individual strands, they are activated due to the heat of the hair dryer or the sun's rays.

So here's a life hacking from Irina Shayk: in order to quickly turn lifeless hair into a luxurious, health-giving head of hair, apply a care product to your hair, wrap your head in foil, put on a swimsuit and go to the sun.

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