The meaning of the word in the youth jargon


Modern teenagers, often using the word “registration”, hardly guess that this term got its first life long before their birth, namely, even among the youth of the USSR. True, it is worth noting that at that time the concept was far less popular and was used mainly in separate companies, so today not all adults know or remember what a list is and what they do there. Today's young people are well acquainted with the meaning invested in this word, and freely operate with it, sometimes confusing their parents. To find out whether something has changed since the days of the Union in youth slang, this article will help.

What is the list of young people of the USSR

The concept first appeared in the midst of the carefree hitchhikers of the 1970s and 1980s traveling lightly around the country.In the USSR, a flat or another place was called a list of youth slang in the USSR, where it was possible to stay overnight at least with moderate comfort- all is better, than under the open sky.As a rule, such apartments were provided by the same hitchhikers who are at home, their relatives, friends or simply sympathetic people. There it was possible to get shelter for the night or a couple of nights, hot food, the opportunity to wash and wash clothes.


Almost immediately after the emergence of the concept went beyond the limits of the society of travelers and began to denote in the youth slang, on which the then-popular hippies were talking, just an apartment where they could spend the night and have fun. There was no money from the “flower people”, and the craving for the commune was huge, so companies gathered in free apartments of friends. For a long time one address was never posted, just a couple of days, so as not to have unnecessary problems with the law.

What is the record of today's youth

Modern adolescents have popularized this concept. However, it is worth noting that, due to the change in the mores of young people 40-50 years ago and now, a lot has changed.

Sign up for youth slang today- this is an apartment or a house provided by the owner for holding parties for youth and spending the night. Usually, the list is open - that is, anyone who knows the address can come to them, but there are also private parties.What do representatives of modern youth do on the whistle? Almost always, a visit is accompanied by a huge amount of alcohol, often forbidden substances, loud music and conversations “for life”. At the party itself, in the language of adolescents, “game” is often created - in the absence of control and young blood stimulated by alcohol requires an energy release.


True, it is worth noting that this is not always the case, and there are quite harmless types of overnight stays. For example, friends meet someone for hobbies or simply stay with each other for a night or a couple of days.

The age of participants in the lists has changed since the times of the Soviet Union. If earlier most of those present were adults, or at least close to this age, then modern teenagers begin to lead a “secular” life very early. Such events are held when the parents of one of the teenagers are leaving for a weekend or a vacation, and in a free apartment you can have a party without adult supervision.


Types of whiskers and what they do there

Yes, that's right, the list has its own classification, and if it’s better not to see photos and videos from some nervous and parents, others are completely harmless or at least within the bounds of decency.




A variant of the list that is considered relatively safe.Usually, acquaintances and friends gather for such a party, therefore, in general, the event passes normally, without excesses. Often, the "legion" begins with a company of guys, after which they invite friends or even unfamiliar girls (for example, they search for a suitable party through social networks).




This is perhaps the most decent version of the list. There will almost certainly not be alcohol here, and the teenagers themselves just get together to do what is interesting: from airplane modeling or theatrical group to computer games.




This type of meeting is distinguished by a special atmosphere, because it has one immutable rule: all participants of the meeting gather in one place (in an apartment, house, cottage), after which the doors are locked and the phones are turned off. All the time the party no one should be in contact with the outside world, and it can last up to several days. The party is a bit like a social experiment, and teens like to do experiments.


On the side


A dangerous variant of an inscription. Typically, the announcement of the time and address of such an event is placed in free access on social networks or sent by personal messages to participants selected by the organizers.People unfamiliar with each other simply gather in the common territory to have fun, but the result is far from always harmless. And who can guarantee that someone will come besides you? In addition, such a list can be canceled at the last moment.


Road party


Under this name is a party-trip. In principle, it is safe if the company does not run into dangerous companions. A company of friends is just having fun on the way to another city, usually buying a whole compartment for this or even a few in a sleeper train.




The name of this variant of the list comes from the English "crowd" - that is, a party with a huge number of people. Probably the most popular option, because it is easy to get acquainted with new people and have fun.


In theory, it seems easy to understand what is in the youth jargon and what young people and teenagers are doing there, but it is worth understanding that almost any such meeting, especially alcoholic, can get out of control. During such parties often a lot of break and spoil, and in the photo and video, it's better not to look at impressionable people. However, not everything is so sadthere are decent types of little records, and in fact, only how the teenager himself will depend on how he will spend his time away from adults.

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