The most fashionable colors of spring in jewelry

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

With its arrival, spring transforms everything in the world - mood, privacy, nature sleeping after winter, our own stock of internal energy and the color gamut of the surrounding world. As soon as the snow goes away, even if the temperature is still lazily keeping on the vigorous +15 degrees, the sad gray-black colors seem to transform themselves into rainbow tones. The very time comes when you do not need to persuade yourself to buy something bright pink or to doubt whether the yellow and green colors will work (if not together in a traffic light format, then why not?). But in this review there will be no pink in any of its shades. He was not lucky enough to get into the list of the most popular shades of the season. But what are the new items in it! We investigated them and immediately transferred them to the “eternal values” - jewelery with colored stones and crystals.


We already sang a hymn to this incredibly sensual shade (by the way,the Pantone company called it the color of 2018!) and, perhaps, we will repeat the fascinating motive: this shade of endless lavender fields in the south of France is a miracle of how good it is in chiffon and silk, and also in amethyst, especially when the radiant brilliance of crystals is added to the latter.

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