The most interesting places in Venice

Venice is the most dreamy and, perhaps, fabulous place on the planet. The city, always shrouded in a light mist of fog due to constant humidity, reveals its amazing secrets at every turn, almost every building that you find here can be called an architectural monument, although for some reason it sometimes seems that all of this is unreal. quickly disappearing tale.

The city, built on 120 islands, connected by more than 400 beautiful bridges and bridges, actually exists, and you can see this fact on your own by visiting one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Venice.

Unique city

Every year this place attracts an incredible number of tourists, sometimes, there are even too many of them here, because everyone wants to enjoy the beauty and romance of the Venetian streets, until they are completely submerged.

Yes, yes, do not be surprised, this city with great zeal fights for its existence with the approaching sea, however, every year it gradually sinks into the water by 4-5 mm.This problem was first encountered by the ancient settlers, who were forced to rebuild their homes to higher levels of the island.


According to the calculations of scientists, Venice in 2028 may become uninhabitable, and after some 80-90 years and completely go under water. So hurry to appreciate this tale with your own eyes, and not with the help of photographs and other wonders of modern technology.

And now you have already reached the city of your dreams. What to see a tourist in Venice? After all, there is often so little time, but there are an incredible amount of interesting and important places that I would definitely like to see, even with one eye: there are no streets, then regular palaces, museums and magnificent old cathedrals.

It’s completely unrealistic to bypass everything, so we bring to your attention the most interesting and significant sights of the city, which every tourist who came to Venice must visit.

Given the rich historical past of this city, it is not surprising that almost all of its old part is on the UNESCO List, and despite the fact that local travel companies are not shy to rip off huge amounts of money from tourists for excursions, there are still a lot of visitors. You can create an interesting tourist route on your own. So where do you start?

Piazza San Marco

Perhaps this is exactly the place where the real Venice begins, because it comes first to mind when you remember this city. Long before the remains of St. Mark were brought here, in whose honor, in fact, the square was named, there was only a huge garden field at this place.

Piazza San Marco

In the 9th century, only a small platform in front of the cathedral was built here, and only in the 18th century it was increased to the present size. Today it is the only square in all of Venice that has been named “piazza”, which means “square”, yet the other sites of the city are called much more modest: “campo”, which means “playground”.

San Marco Square is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world, all buildings adjoining it are the real guardians of history and have important historical significance.

This is the Cathedral of St. Mark, which has long been a symbol of all of Venice, the Palace of Rains, the famous building - a symbol of the power and glory of the city, as well as the impressive bell tower of St. Mark's Cathedral, which rises almost 100 meters above the square.


It also houses one of the largest and most famous libraries in Italy - Marciana, the city museum Correr with its magnificent collection of weapons,paintings and applied arts, as well as places for passive recreation - cafes and restaurants where you can always have a snack something delicious while admiring the fabulous views of Piazza San Marco.

St. Mark's Cathedral

More than 1000 years ago, two Venetian merchants, returning from a long journey to the East, stole the remains of St. Mark in Alexandria and secretly drove them to Venice, where they were met with great honors. Since then, in place of two small churches, a grandiose cathedral was erected, in which a great relic is kept.

St. Mark's Cathedral

Saint Mark himself became the patron saint of Venice, and his symbol, the winged lion, settled on the symbolic gates to the city, becoming the heraldic symbol of Venice. It affects not only the historical background of the place, but also the architecture of the building, which intertwines the Byzantine, Venetian and even Roman elements.

Palace of Rains

The famous openwork, literally weightless, the Palazzo Ducale has for many years served as the grand residence of the entire Venetian government.

Surprisingly, the Palace of Rains, which today amazes with its luxury, incredible decoration of the interior halls and the monumentality of the building, has nothing to do with the building that was originally built, approximately in the 9th century.

Palace of Rains

Several times it was completely destroyed by terrible fires, the Palace was rebuilt and rebuilt, as a result of which the architect decided to build something that would deprive even the foreign ambassadors of the gift of speech.

As a result, it turned out that it turned out: a huge Hall of the Council, which today is the world's largest room, the ceiling of which does not have any additional support. Inside the palace there is a huge number of unusual halls and rooms decorated with paintings of famous Italian masters.


If you decide to book a weekend tour in Venice, you will not be able to see much, but be sure to visit this place, it really can leave the most vivid and unforgettable impressions.

Bridge of Sighs

As you know, in Venice there are about 400 bridges that connect narrow streets through which numerous city channels pass, but the Bridge of Sighs is a special place. It connects the Palace of Rains, in which the court sessions were held, and the prison.

Bridge of Sighs

It was through this bridge that the prisoners were escorted after the trial to prison, through the narrow windows of which they last threw a sad look at the city and emitted a sad sigh.Today, this place was chosen by couples in love, there is even a legend that if you kiss your beloved girl under this bridge, your love will never run out.

Rialto Bridge

Another one of the most popular places to visit in Venice, perhaps, on this bridge is the largest crowd of tourists, but one thing is really worth it.

Rialto Bridge

This is the oldest bridge over the famous Venetian Grand Canal, and next to it there are several other attractions of the city - the church of Saint-Giacomo di Rialto and the Rialto market. Once it was on this bridge that all the Venetian merchants gathered, today there are very colorful souvenir shops.

Museum of Glass in Venice

To visit Venice and not to visit the glass museum is a real crime, because only here you can get to know the process of making the famous Murano glass. This museum contains the most interesting glass exhibits from Egyptian times to the present day.

Museum of Glass in Venice

Here you can buy the most real Venetian souvenirs - vases, panels, lamps and other objects of art, of course made of glass.Interestingly, in the past, when the whole of Venice was still built of wood, glassblowers were prominent and honorary citizens, the daughters of their families went beyond the most distinguished husbands, and the artisans themselves were not allowed to travel outside the Venetian Republic, so that rare craftsmanship would not leak into others cities.

Already in those times, special technologies were used to manufacture glass, which were ahead of time, which, by the way, are still used by artisans from Murano.

Be sure to go to Venice and visit the most beautiful and interesting corners of this ancient and amazing city!

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