The secret of successful motivation

Very often, when we strive for a goal, negative motivation plays the role. Negative motivation means a negative outcome of events if we do not perform a certain action.

For example:

  • If I do not go to work in the morning, they will fire me.
  • If I eat a lot, I'll be fat.

As you can see, such an approach to the question always makes negative emotions rather than positive ones feel. Each action will be dictated by fear and anxiety.

You can compare other statements that reflect the same meaning, but from a different point of view:

  • If I go to work today, then I will have money for which I can buy what I want.
  • If I eat less, my figure will each time take on beautiful shapes.

As you can see, the meaning remains the same, but the statements themselves make one feel elated and positively striving for action.

Technique of positive motivation:

1. Recall any action you need to perform.

2Write down all the advantages that you get if you achieve the desired goal.

3. Turn on the imagination and imagine the result.

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