The technology of modern floor screed with fiber

The online store of a massive board gives a guarantee for the sold material only provided that its laying will be executed according to all technological requirements and on the prepared basis.

And this means that a high-quality floor screed should be made. Modern technology assumes that a semi-dry fiberglass screed can be used as a base. Let's take a closer look at how it is done.

The main task of the screed - warming and leveling the subfloor. This type of screed is good because of the technological features in the work with it uses little water, which avoids shrinkage and prevents cracks. Thanks to a special surface treatment, dust formation is almost completely excluded, and mechanized treatment allows for any given slope, often required in industrial premises.

Fibers are added to ensure that there are no cracks in the resulting screed, especially since the use of a semi-dry solution gives minimal shrinkage, which completely eliminates the appearance of cracks in further operation.

All materials used: sand, cement and fiberglass are inexpensive. This makes the proposed variant of the device of the draft basis not only effective in terms of technology and speed of work, but also one of the most affordable. The use of semi-dry technology significantly reduces the time spent on repairs.

Mixture for screed on semi-dry technology is prepared with a minimum water content. Take the minimum amount allowed for the hydration of cement. Specialists, especially when using mechanization, prepare the solution directly at the work site, using sand, cement, fiberglass with special plasticizing additives.

The mixture is distributed on the basis of pre-prepared beacons, if necessary, according to your desire fit sound, hydraulic and thermal insulation.The freshly laid screed is rubbed with a special smoothing machine. This should be done to finish the alignment and increase the strength of the upper layer.

If there are drafts in the room, then cover the resulting screed with polyethylene for a day or lightly spill its surface with a small amount of water.

A semi-dry screed can take a person literally in half a day. And after 4 days, you can safely start laying the finish flooring. Agree that this is much faster than waiting for 3 weeks when using the traditional screed in a “wet” way.

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