The very first photo

The very first photo photo

Interesting facts about science. The very first photo

The first photo appeared in the 1820s. It was made by the Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce (1765-1833), and it happened in Burgundy in France. At that time, there were already ways to print images, such as lithography. But the accuracy of reproduction depended on the skill of the artist: the artist wrote a portrait from which an engraving was made, and prints were printed from it.


Niepce began to study ways to reproduce engravings. For this, he used an old camera obscura - a light-tight box with a hole. The rays of light passing through the hole created an inverted image on the opposite wall. Niepce wanted to “catch” and save this image. In the place where the light was drawing the picture, he placed a plate covered with a photosensitive composition.


Under the influence of light, different parts of the plate darkened in different ways, and after some time the outlines of objects appeared. That's how Niepce got the first photo in history.


Interesting fact about the first photo in the world

In his first photograph, Nieppe captured the view from the window, that is, the roofs of the neighboring houses. Exposure, that is, the effect of light on the plate, lasted more than 8 hours. During this time, the lighting, of course, changed a lot, so the picture turned out to be rather strange, and the view from the window on it is not very recognizable.

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