The winner of the sixth season of "Voices" almost cried right on the stage

The name of the finalist who won the hearts of viewers, sounded live.

On the First Channel, the live show summed up the sixth season of the show "Voice". It was the last release of the year. Of course, the winner was announced. But not at once. The first finalists were: Selim Alahyarov, Timofey Kopylov, Jan Ge and Ladislav Bubnar. Then the mentors began to speak. Leonid Agutin, Pelagia, Alexander Gradsky and Dima Bilan, in turn, scattered in thanks and compliments to the team that created the project.

�You and I lived another small life. Everything changes, but one thing remains unchanged: this tale is made by true masters of their craft. � Pelagia seems genuinely sorry to part with the next season of the show. By the way, she was not so much listened as they were considered: the singer was wearing a glittering blue dress that emphasized the slimness of her figure.

Dima Bilan for a long time by name listed all those who impressed and pleased him, confessing to them in love. And only then went to the main point: the winner was announced.

�And now I�ll ask for complete silence in the studio,� the presenter Dmitry Nagiyev ominously demanded.

It turned out that Selim Alahyarov won by an incredible margin. He collected two thirds of all possible votes, and his closest rival Timofey Kopylov was 30 percent behind him.

Selim Alahyarov
Photo: frame from video

When it became clear that his name would now sound, Selim simply exploded with emotions: he waved his hands, jumped, smiled from ear to ear. But there were a few moments when it seemed that the young man was bursting into tears. However, no one would be surprised. The moment is really big.

�There are no losers here,� the winner�s mentor Alexander Gradsky said, smiling quite enough. �We were all inside the music, inside the wonderful songs.�

�Your baritone can only be envied,� Leonid Agutin gave a discreet compliment to the winner.

The ceremony ended traditionally: congratulations, prizes and the final song from Selim Alahyarov, who earned the title of the best voice of the country.

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