What is the dream thing

To dream a thing - to material changes in life. Depending on what were the things, how many were there and what role they played in the dream, one can interpret the vision in different ways. Many things scattered in a room or apartment foreshadow an increase in salary or a lottery win. Also, to see a thing in a dream may mean that in the near future you will learn the news.

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Thing in a dream
Thing in a dream

Modern dream book

If you collect things on the road, it means that you will have to go on a business trip or to relatives who live in another city. If the sleeper collects things in a suitcase, and there is a lot of free space in it - there will be troubles in his life, quarrels in the family. Also a half-empty suitcase with things may portend separation. In order to explain what a dream is about, one should also pay attention to its condition as it was.


Collect things on the road - to discord in the house, at work, quarrels with colleagues or reprimand from the authorities. Collecting things in a big suitcase - planning an important undertaking, which will be a key thing in your life.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

If you collect things in a dream and think about the road, it is possible that there are difficulties in your affairs that will be very difficult to handle. If you dream that a thing cannot be found in any way - you lose the trust and respect of people, you will have problems with your colleagues and bosses. A small number of things in the dream book - trouble, minor misunderstandings.

Healers Akulina

Packing things, carefully folding, revising - will have to greatly save money. Lay things on the shelves, in their places - will have to worry about loved ones.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • look for a thing in a dream - pain, resentment, loss, trouble;

  • collect - a new business, a major undertaking;

  • losing a thing - misunderstandings are close.

Dream Dream Thelomena

To see things, collect them or stack them - problems, troubles, feelings of insecurity and loneliness overcomes the sleeper. The inability to control the situation is disturbing and frustrating.

Why dream about a thing in a dream and what did you do with it?

  • collected - it's time you think about changes in life, if things are small - you endure humiliation in vain;

  • lose - failures, problems, stipulations;

  • to erase - the desire for change, anguish, a desire to change life, have a baby, if things are for children;

  • to hang things up in a dream-book - a lucky combination of circumstances, unexpected joy, luck;

  • try on things - you will be entrusted with a new business, which you have not previously engaged in, you will have to master it in order to receive recognition from the authorities;

  • to find a thing - if you look for a lost thing in a dream and find it, it means that you will gain valuable experience in reality;

  • looking at, sorting out - returning to the past, longing for old friends;

  • put it neatly - things will get better, all our plans will come true;

  • burn - profit;

  • give - there will come a change in life, the initiator of which will be you;

  • to iron - the decision of questions with the administration;

  • sell - conflict with a loved one.

What kind of things did you dream?

  • old - it is necessary to get rid of the trash in the house;

  • washed - the dream speaks about the mental balance of the sleeper, his positive thoughts;

  • dirty - problems with a loved one, with a spouse, quarrels, showdowns;

  • many scattered things - lead;

  • gold things in a dream - at this time it is easy to achieve any heights in your career, to get rich, to become successful;

  • knitted - cash reward;

  • ragged - gossip.

Why dream of a thing and what happened to it?

  • took the dead man - you can count on luck and winnings;

  • gives the dead - a bad sign, foreshadowing illness, loss;

  • stolen - you will get something very necessary for you.

If you want to explain, why dream of things that you never had, remember your feelings in a dream? If you were happy with the thing you saw, it means that you will gain something, and you will lose bad, negative emotions.

Dream for the bitch

If you burned things, then know that in life you have a real chance to get rich. Perhaps you will receive money from a very unexpected source, from which you were not hoping to get anything. You need to properly manage your finances in order not to lose them. If things have been stolen from you, then wait for a chain of unpleasant events that temporarily take you out of balance.

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