This pillow of unnecessary pieces of fabric will be your favorite.

Each of us has a lot of clothes lying around, which you do not want to throw out, and you will not be able to dress any more. They are so pleasant to the body, but at the same time completely lost their attractive appearance. To prolong the life of these products, you can cut them into rags and sew from these pieces of fabric a wonderful pillow that will come in handy in any home.

We prepare tools for work:

  1. Sewing machine;
  2. Scissors;
  3. Ruler;
  4. Rags;
  5. Tissue residues;
  6. Rope.

Cut strips of fabric 30 cm long, 5 cm wide. They will be equal to half the length of the diameter of the pillow (you can choose these values ​​based on the size of the product you want).

Attach the ruler to the middle of the flap along the oblique, cut the fabric along this line. The part that is narrower will be the middle, the wider will be located on the edge. It is better to use the rest of the strip through several pieces of fabric of different colors.

A rectangle of another fabric is sewn onto the cut piece, from which also half of the diagonal line must be cut. We narrow the narrow part with narrow, wide with wide.

So, flap by flap sew a circle. Putting it in four, cut off the extra pieces of fabric that spoil the rounded shape.

Next, from larger pieces of fabric, sew a square larger in size than the resulting circle. Cutting the second circle out of it will give you the back side of the pillow.

Take a rectangle of fabric, lay the rope on the seamy side, wrap it and secure it with pins or special tailors' needles on the front side.

Then we connect two circles with the front sides and, laying a rope in the fabric between them along the edge, fasten them with pins or needles.

Sew all the layers together using a sewing machine as close as possible to the rope.

Leaving 10-15 cm unstitched, turn the resulting round pillow case outward.

Fill the circle with filler, and, having sewn the ends of the rope by hand, hide the fabric joints with a secret seam.

Connect the top and bottom of the almost finished pillow with a large button sewn to the center.

And here you have a wonderful ottoman, which can be supplemented by a small pillow.

Ensemble of such pillows will be appreciated by you and your children.

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