Throw everything and go to the sea: the life of Muscovite in the Crimea

Natasha Kravchuk dreamed of living by the sea since childhood. And her wish came true. Three years ago, she moved to Crimea and traded the profession of an office employee for a blogger and photographer. How she now lives on the peninsula, read in an interview with Woman's Day.

I first visited the peninsula in 2008 with my future husband then. Since childhood, he has divided Peter and the Crimea (since he did not live with his parents) and, knowing all the zest of the resort, made me fall in love with this place with my first breath and glance. Not only liked the devastation that prevailed in the cities, because of which sometimes there was a feeling that he was in the past. At the same time, the wildness of the Crimea was fascinating at the same time, and the beauty of nature brought all the cons to nothing. Although I did not plan to stay there until the very move, and so did my spouse.

We worked in Moscow and saved money for other purposes. But, like all the best that has ever happened in my life, buying an apartment in the Crimea has become almost impromptu.

Photo: @ principal.princess

I note that three years ago, housing on the peninsula could be purchased for a much more adequate amount - now there are simply no such prices in the real estate market. We can say that we either worked intuition, or just lucky.

True, we initially wanted to rent an apartment. But when I returned to Moscow, I felt that nothing connected me with the capital anymore, and it seemed impossible to live somewhere else, having housing by the sea. Of course, a certain “syndrome of returning from vacation” still had an effect: when freshly salted water licked your heels, and suddenly you were sitting in a gray office in a pile of papers, folders, and with overflowing email ...

But whatever it was, on the first working day I wrote a letter of resignation. My husband supported me. And the management has partially supported, having transferred me to freelance. So I worked for almost a year with a laptop by the sea.

Sea - the doctor

Moving to the Crimea has also coincided with the fact that in my family there was a misfortune, which I do not like to talk about. So I needed a "reboot" and the sea as a healer.

The sea is the main plus of life in the Crimea. The opportunity to see the sea live at any moment is not happiness?

Although the peninsula is good all year round. In February, there are blooming almonds and warmth comes, spring.Then cherries, apricots, peaches, quinces, cherry plums, poppies, roses, lavender, chamomile, sunflowers - oh! Summer is half a year long. In winter, it happens that winds blow, but in general, even during this period of cold, it is more comfortable here than, say, in November in Moscow.

Photo: @princess_on_air
Photo: @princess_on_air
Photo: @princess_on_air
Photo: @princess_on_air
Photo: @princess_on_air

I live near the reserve Chersonese. The territory of the ancient city is the place of my strength. In winter, we often go here for a walk to the sea. As for the favorite places in the Crimea, there are countless. In my opinion, Sevastopol is the best place to live on the peninsula: wonderful beaches, sandy and pebbly (and after all many visitors do not even suspect that we have beaches), the picturesque cape Fiolent, the most comfortable Balaklava. And all roads are open: the South Coast, the mountains of Ai-Petri and Demerdzhi, Yalta, Alushta, the magical New World ... And this summer we opened another fabulous landmark - Cape Opuk and its pink lakes.

From manager to blogger

Now I have interrupted the working contract with the Moscow office and am in a kind of free swimming. While my husband is preparing for real voyages (he is a sailor), I am looking for myself: I take part-time jobs in the field of photography (shooting, creating content for the pages on Instagram,cooperation with showrooms), I come with an easel and paints to the sea, trying to write and at any opportunity continue to explore the Crimea, take pictures of its beauty and share them in microblogging.

By the way, I didn’t have a goal to become a popular blogger, it all happened by itself. I just started uploading pictures of the sea (all from the phone) on Instagram instead of lunch at Starbucks. Three years ago I didn’t have thousands of subscribers, and now they are getting more and more. I have two accounts: on the page @princess_on_air I show interesting places of the peninsula, and on @ principal.princes I conduct more lively communication, there are more of my thoughts, me and different Crimea.

Photo: @princess_on_air
Photo: @princess_on_air
Photo: @princess_on_air
Photo: @princess_on_air
Photo: @princess_on_air

I rent an apartment in Moscow, sometimes I come to the capital for personal affairs. But each trip is accompanied by stress and discomfort. I think Moscow is a great city for earnings, but not for life. I am grateful to the capital for the years lived in it and even more for the fact that it pushed me to move.

Dream and not be afraid of change

Having seen a picture a la “life in a house on the coast” in typical American cinema,I had a dream to go to the sea or the ocean, to live by the very water, see its color and mood every day, see the sunset and run barefoot on wet sand with children, and spend the most reverent time on the sea, fresh and light, nor what is not comparable.

Well, the desire came true in its own way: I see the sea through the window, I come or come to it at dawn. This, of course, is not a house on the coast, but who knows, maybe “sbycha” dreams are still in the process and this is the first step?

I wish you all the aspirations for the fulfillment of a childhood dream, and do not postpone anything on Monday.

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