Tip 2: How to change your image in the photo

You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • - the photo.
Upload a snapshot to your photo editor and create a copy of yourPhotooption Duplicate Layer menu Layer. Some Photoshop filters cannot be applied to the background layer, in addition, the original version of the image will remain in the file you are working with, which you can use at any time to restore the details.
In order to make a cartoon from your own photo, select with the help of the Lasso Tool the fragments of the face that will be transformed. It is not necessary to make an exact selection, you can hide the extra parts with a layer mask. Most often, to create a cartoon from a snapshot, the upper and lower parts of the face are deformed. In turn, copy the selected fragments to the new layers using the Layer via Copy option of the New group of the Layer menu.
To warp parts of the image, use the Warp option of the Transform group of the Edit menu. Make sure that the changes at the boundary between the deformable and the original fragment are minimal.Hide the details of the changed part of the image. To do this, use the Reveal All option of the Layer Mask of the Layer menu. Turn on the Brush Tool and paint over the mask with black color in those places where the details of the layer are to be removed.
To correct facial features, you can use the filter Liquify. Assigning small values ​​to the parameters Brush Pressure and Brush Size, you can make neat changes to the image, the result of which will look quite natural.
After applying the Liquify filter tools, fragments of the background bordering the corrected image details may suffer. This can be corrected by closing the blurred portion of the background with pixels copied from a normal fragment with the Clone Stamp tool. Click on the intact part of the picture, holding down the Alt button to specify the source of the pixels to be copied. After releasing the button, paint over the affected fragment.
Spectacular changePhotomay result from a simple change in eye color. To do this, select the eyes and copy them to a new layer. Change the color by opening the settings window with the Hue / Saturation option of the Adjustments group of the Image menu. Of course, such changes make sense if the eyes in the picture are clearly distinguishable.
You can make the effect of "demonic" eyes of fire, putting a picture of fire under a layer with a photo. To do this, openpicturefire the right size, turn on the Move Tool and drag the fire to the face file. Use the Send Backward option from the Arrange group of the Layer menu to place fire under the photo. Using a mask created on a layer with a snapshot, make the iris of the eye transparent without touching the large highlights and shadows, if there are anyPhoto. Move the fire layer so that you can see the most expressive flames in your eyes.
To apply makeup and repaint skin, create a new layer using the Layer option of the New group in the Layer menu. Apply blush with a brush to the created layer, apply a blur to them with the Gaussian Blur option of the Blur group of the Filter menu. Lower the opacity of the colored layer by changing the Opacity in the layers palette.
Shadows apply on a new layer with a brush with soft edges. To get such a brush, reduce the Hardness parameter value in the tool settings. Change the blending mode of the layer with makeup to Color or Multiply by selecting the desired item from the list in the layers palette. Erase the extra shadows with the Erazer Tool. In the same way, you can change the skin color onPhoto.

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