Tip 2: How to choose a quality laptop bag

If in the characteristic of the bag it is indicated that it is designed for 16-inch displays, then it is quite likely that it is suitable for laptops with 16.5 and 17-inch displays. But in addition to the display should take into account non-standard features of a laptop, such as: a battery of increased power consumption, non-standard body shape. So you should take a laptop with you to check its compatibility with the bag.

Another important criterion for purchasing a laptop bag is its capacity, namely the number of additional compartments that charge, additional cables, CDs, a USB flash drive, removable HDD and much more.

Most laptop bags have a belt with which the bag is worn over the shoulder. Very often, laptops are worn in briefcases and suitcases, made in the classical style, often made of leather. If you want to choose a shockproof container for a laptop, then you should purchase a metal case.This option is perfect if you are on the road for a long time.

Which of the above types of bags to choose depends only on personal preferences. Consider the finances and the real needs of using the bag. There are many models of bags, so you will definitely find an attractive option.

All the above options need to check before buying, pay attention to:

Convenience.The bag should be convenient for transporting laptops. The laptop should lie flat inside, not hang out, so as not to harm the hard drive. Belts must withstand the load and not rub shoulders.

StitchesBe sure to check on bags made of synthetic material. They must be of high quality, dense and even.

The density of the material.The bag must have moisture resistance and must be made of dense material (density is measured in units of denier). Usually dense nylon, from which most bags are made, totals 500-1000 units.

Fittingsfor bags is an important element of any bag because it plays the role of fastening.The strength of the accessories in the store can not be checked, it will take time. The only advice is not to buy a bag that is too cheap.

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