Tip 2: How to grow a big crop

Pay attention to the different mode of watering that is required for early vegetable crops during the growing season. Beets and carrots require good watering at the moment when roots begin to fill. Cabbage water plentifully in the period of tying a head of cabbage. Potatoes mostly need water at the time of flowering. Onions and garlic, on the contrary, prefer to grow in dry soil (with prolonged rains cover with a film in order to avoid rotting and deterioration of the heads).
It should be noted that you need to water the vegetables in the early morning or in the evening when the sun begins to set. Water should be saturated with oxygen, warm, settled in containers (in no case do not water with cold water, the plants will get stress and slow down in growth). Calculate the amount of moisture for irrigation, the water should saturate the soil to a depth of fifteen to twenty centimeters.
The potato harvest depends entirely on the correct preparation of the seed.Carefully sort the tubers, remove the damaged, cracked and rotten tubers. Selected potatoes gently wash and dry, pour into a dry cool place, there the tubers sprout. In the fall, prepare a place for planting potatoes, the best predecessors - cucumbers, cabbage, beets or carrots. Take the humus of chicken manure and sprinkle it on the allocated place (at the rate of two or three kilograms per square meter). In early May, it is possible to plant vegetables. Do not forget to periodically spud, loosen the earth and water abundantly.
To grow goodthe harvestTomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers and sweet peppers, feed them two or three times a month with a solution of mullein, to which you must first add wood ash (one hundred grams of ash to a mullein bucket). At the very beginning of fruiting, these vegetables require abundant watering. With inadequate hydration, vegetables can shed ovaries and buds.
Get richthe harvestpumpkin is impossible without the correct and high-quality formation of lashes.

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