Tip 2: Short haircut - the ability to change your image

Hairstyle is an incredibly important element of the image. Choosing the right haircut is half the battle. First, you can quickly update your appearance, and if the haircut is short, you will be able to give yourself a bold, sexy look that will visually help you throw off a few years.
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Which of the haircuts would be preferable for a modern girl who wants to look as charming as possible, stylish and most fashionable?

Bob haircut

This haircut has long been incredibly popular. The main feature of this hairstyle is that the hair is cut in a straight line and cover the earlobe.

Stylists have been experimenting with this hairstyle for many years. It has already become a kind of testing ground for innovation. You can remove the bang or leave it lowered, play with the asymmetry of the lines, profile the strands in different ways.

If we talk about fashion trends, now the current version is a short cropped hair length that barely reaches the middle of the neck.

Haircut under the boy

At the beginning of the last century, this haircut was recognized around the world and found widespread among fashionistas. She remained in demand today. What could be more fashionable than haircut garcon?

The barber mills the bangs, the back of the head and temples during the haircut in order to make the hair fit as close as possible to the surface of the head. The image as a result is both romantic and sexy. At various times, with such a hairstyle, famous movie stars and models appeared in public: Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Twiggy, and Mia Farrow.

Bob haircut

If you want your hairstyle to be something between a bob and a garcon, then a bob haircut is just for you. With an average hair length of 15 centimeters, you will get the most elegant haircut. However, the latest fashion trends are such that the haircut should be as short as possible, so the hair can be cut and shorter.

No need to think that bob hairstyle does not give any opportunities for the manifestation of fantasy in changing the image.For example, you can leave some strands on your face longer than everyone else, or you will always have the opportunity to play with the parting.

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