Tip 3: We raise a child: where to start

The desire to meet parental expectations has a downside: you can, without even noticing it, live a life other than your own. Get an unnecessary specialty, work on the unloved work, enter into a relationship with the wrong person. Perhaps mom will be pleased, but will it suit you? Trying to please your parents, try not to harm yourself.

Dreams of the unattainable

Some parental aspirations are not destined to be justified, and this is normal. Mom dreamed that her daughter would be an artistic girl, learn to sing and dance perfectly, and the child was completely devoid of hearing. The father imagined how he would teach his son to plan woodworking, but the child is absolutely not capable of such work, and time after time he strives to cut off his finger. Children grow thinner and less strong than their parents imagined, instead of blond angel hair they have hard dark hair and, unlike the grandfather professor, they sometimes do not understand trigonometry.If you are physically incapable of doing something that your parents are dreaming about, the best solution would be to just forget about it and not suffer from a sense of guilt, since you cannot change the situation.

We analyze requests

Often parents mentally paint the whole future life of the child. He certainly must go to school for one five, and then go to a lawyer. Take an internship in Germany. To marry a decent and wealthy person, and have time to do it before a certain age. In the case of disobedience, some fathers and mothers end up accepting the choice of their child, while others at every opportunity remind him that he does everything wrong, thereby frustrating them.
Take a break from parental settings and think about what you personally want. Will you be really happy working as a lawyer, or did you go to this specialty because your mother told you so? Do you want an early marriage or get ready for a wedding just because it is necessary, and you don’t have to? Probably a departure from the intended plan will upset your parents, but you can try to find a compromise.For example, you enter the university you want yourself, but at the same time go to English courses, because your dad dreamed that his daughter knew a foreign language to perfection.

We wish you happiness

Most parents do not care what their child does. They want him to be healthy and happy, and strive to bring him to this result. But they can understand happiness in their own way. For them, it may consist in the work of a banker, in a secured husband, in an apartment in the city center. Convince the mother and father that, walking along your path, you are happy, not constrained in money and do not forget to eat vegetables, and they will surely be satisfied.

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