Almost 60,000 spectators at the stadium in Fortaleza and an even greater number of football fans watching TV screens could watch an interesting match between the national teams of Germany and Ghana. The game started alive. The ball almost did not stay in the center of the field. Both teams primarily sought to attack the opponent's gate. However, in the first half, the spectators did not see the goals scored. It must be said that the Germans had a slight advantage in the first 45 minutes, but African players also dangerously attacked the gates of Neuer several times. Most often, the Ghanaians pierced the gate from outside the penalty area. To break the team went with a tied score of 0 - 0.

The second half of the meeting began a lot of fun. First, at 51 minutes, Mario Goetze struck the gates of the Africans after a verified supply from the flank. Goetze punched his head, but the ball ricocheted into the thigh of the Germans and thus bounced into the goal. 1 - 0 led by Germany. However, soon the players of Ghana won back.Already at the 54th minute, Andre Aija struck the German gate with a head after the flank feed. After a goal scored, the Africans decently increased their tempo, trying to counter-attack dangerously. The Germans also played the first number. As a result, in the 63 minute fast attack of Africans leads to a goal. Asamoah Gyan goes to the shock position and punches exactly into the far corner of the German goal. Africans come forward 2 - 1.

It seemed that a sensation might well happen in the match, because the Germans, although they had sharp attacks, lacked quite a bit of goal. However, the class of German players affected. On 71 minutes, who replaced Miroslav Klose scored his first goal in the tournament and 15 in games at the world championships. The Germans compare the score - 2 - 2.

After that, Germany had the opportunity to score more, and the Ghanaians dangerously attacked, punching from outside the penalty area at the Germans' goal. However, the final whistle of the referee recorded a military draw 2 - 2.

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Tip 2: As the team played Algeria at the 2014 World Cup football

Getting into the group stage of the championship in Brazil has already become a worthy result for Algerian footballers. Therefore, the main task of this African team in the tournament was to show a decent quality football.
How did the team of Algeria at the 2014 World Cup football

At the world championship in Brazil, the national team of Algeria fell into the group N.The rivals of the Africans were two European teams - Russia and Belgium, as well as the team of South Korea.

The Algerians had their first match in the group stage with the Belgian team. The first half of the match ended with a minimum margin of Algerians (1 - 0). However, African players could not keep the advantage. They lost to the Belgians 1 - 2.

In the second match in the group stage, Algeria showed its best game in the tournament. Already in the first half, three unanswered goals visited the gates of the South European football players. In the second half of the meeting, the Africans scored another goal, conceding only two. The result of the meeting was the productive victory of Algeria 4 - 2.

To leave the group in the play-off stage of the World Cup 2014, the players of Algeria had to not lose the Russian national team. Africans achieved this result. Match score 1 -1 led Algeria from second place in Group H to the playoff stage.

In the 1/8 final, the players of Algeria had to play with the future championship winners - the German team. 90 minutes of the meeting were held with the advantage of the Germans, but the audience did not see goals. Only in overtime Germany was able to add to the national team of Algeria (2-1).

Reaching the playoff stage for Algerian footballers was a real triumph. The team was among the 16 strongest in the tournament.The players of Algeria were the second African team in the 2014 World Cup, which managed to get so far (another representative of Africa in the playoff stage was the Nigeria team). Many viewers of the world championship will remember the dedication of Algerian footballers and their desire to win.

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Tip 3: World Cup 2014: how Spain played the last match in the World Cup

June 23 in the Brazilian city of Curitiba, the Spanish national team held the last match at the World Cup. Rivals of the once formidable Spaniards became the Australian team.
World Cup 2014: how Spain played the last match in the World Cup

Both teams lost all chances to continue the fight in the playoff stage, as they lost the first two matches in Group B of the World Cup. Therefore, the game Australia - Spain was more friendly.

As expected, the players, who did not have a mass of playing time in previous matches, entered the field as part of the Spaniards. So, the audience saw David Vilyu, Torres, Mata in the composition of Spain. It is worth saying that it was these players who made the result in the match.

The advantage in possession of the ball in the first half, of course, was the Spaniards.However, the European team was able to score only once. True, the goal turned out beautiful. At 36 minutes after an accurate transfer into the penalty area, the Australians Villa heels the first goal in the meeting. It was a classic of beautiful football, but it did not solve anything.

The second half gave the audience two more goals. Both goals went to the gates of Australia. First, at 69 minutes, Torres brought a wonderful Paz for a rendezvous with the Australian goalkeeper. Fernando was accurate. 2 - 0 led Spain. At 82 minutes, Juan Mata distinguished himself, hitting the gates of Australia at close range after a verified pass from the depths of the field.

The final score of the last meeting of the Spaniards at the World Cup in Brazil 3 - 0 in favor of the Europeans. Speaking about the game of Australia, it should be noted that the players tried. They really tried to show good football, but the Spaniards were better. However, this is a poor consolation for Europeans who are going home after the match, taking the final third place in the quartet B.

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