Tips to help you clean your sofa almost for free. Off all the spots

It is not always possible to get rid of stains on upholstered furniture. However, the dry cleaning specialists somehow cope with them. Is it possible to remove complex stains without divorces by returning the original look to the upholstery

Under the external decorative coating is a multi-layered "pie" made of foam rubber, felt, dvp and plywood. Any liquid that penetrates through the fabric is absorbed by the deep layers and turns into hard-to-remove contamination. Therefore, spilled drinks, urine, blood, it is desirable to immediately collect with paper napkins, talc, salt or microfiber. The faster the excess moisture is collected, the easier it will be to remove the stain.

Avoiding divorce is easy. After the treatment of the stains, it suffices to walk with a wet cloth over the entire surface of the sofa and let it dry without using a hair dryer.

Greasy areas and fat

The armrests, seats and shoulder area are most often covered with a layer of dirt consisting of a mixture of sweat, grease and dust. Human skin constantly produces an emollient, thanks to which it remains soft and supple. The sebum is gradually rubbed into the upholstery, mixed with the dust in the air and turns into an ugly gray-black patina.

The basic principle of working with such contaminants is the splitting of fat and its removal from the surface. Any alkaline solutions can easily cope with this task.

For cleaning, you can take a strong solution of soda, diluted detergent or liquid dishwashing detergent. The good old laundry soap also should not be discounted, since it is produced on an alkaline basis. Wipe the contaminated area with a damp sponge moistened with cleaning agent. Strongly wet the fabric is not worth it, so that there are no stains.

Hairy fabrics with a little pollution can be sprinkled with talcum powder or potato starch. The powder absorbs grease and dust. To do this, let it lie on the surface for 10-15 minutes. Then you need to thoroughly vacuum the treated surface.

Fatty stains are removed by ordinary dishwasher. Dishwashing gel, put on the stain, let it run for a couple of minutes and rinse with clean water with a napkin.

Smell of dust

Over time, a large amount of dust and bed mites accumulate under the upholstery. You can get rid of them:

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner with a deep cleaning function.
  2. With a sheet. Take an old sheet, moisten it with water, squeeze it well and cover the sofa. Then, with a special cracker or just with a hand, gently and conscientiously knock it out. Wet sheets will not let dust soar cloud and sit in the room. If you add a little salt to the water, you get a weak electrolyte, which is better to keep dust particles on the fabric. After processing, the sofa is left to vacuum or to collect dust from its surface with a soft, slightly damp washcloth.

How to get rid of the smell of urine

Regardless of the reasons for the appearance of unpleasant puddles on the couch, there are several effective ways to get rid of stains and persistent unpleasant smell. The procedure is quite simple.

  1. Paper napkins or towels to dry the surface of the upholstery. Try to get as much liquid from the underlying layers as possible to keep it from soaking.
  2. Dilute a small amount of shampoo in water.It does not leave a mark, after drying, like soap or powder. Treat the stain with the resulting solution. Apply the product with a soft sponge, moving from the edge to the center of the spot.
  3. Dry the surface. In order to avoid stains, blot the treated area with napkins, and then let it dry naturally.
  4. Enter into the filler alcohol (for light sofas) or a solution of manganese (for dark models). Get rid of the pungent smell will help a weak solution of iodine, which kills all pathogens. The latter method is good for dark fabrics.

Beer spots

If someone spilled beer on your sofa, do not despair, but rather grab a dry napkin and soak the drink out of the casing until it has penetrated into the fabric. Drain the surface and treat the stain with a weak solution of vinegar (3 tablespoons per 1 liter of water). Vinegar will help to cope with the dark trail of beer and neutralizes the smell.


You should not wait until the stain dries. Rinse immediately with cold water. When the stain brightens, treat it with soap. Allow a couple of minutes to work and then gently wash the lather with a napkin. So that there are no stains, go around the entire surface of the sofa with a wet cloth and let it dry.

Dried spots can be removed using three aspirin tablets, diluted in a glass of water.

Juices and wine

Problem number 1 - to collect the drink until it is soaked filler.

To do this, use napkins. When the wine stops to leave a mark on the paper, generously sprinkle the stain with salt. She pulls the rest of the drink out of the casing. Let stand for 15 minutes and remove the salt. After that, moisten the cloth with alcohol and wipe the stain.If the juice has left a lasting mark, in any case, do not use vinegar.It fixes the dye well on the fabric. Better use strong soap suds. On light sofas you can use ammonia or soda diluted with water to a slurry state.


Well removed with DURU laundry soap or 9% vinegar solution. Soap is applied to the ink trace, left for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with water.

Vinegar need to soak the stain and cover for 4 hours with a napkin soaked in acetic acid. Then rinse well with water and treat with laundry detergent or soap.

Chewing gum

Well behind the fabric in a frozen state. To make it solid, put a bag of ice on top of it.After that, it is easily removed.

Velor, velvet and suede

Delicate fabrics require a special approach. When cleaning the sofa, always move in the direction of the nap. Instead of a washcloth, use a soft brush. To clean instead of soap, take shampoo. He will not leave a mark and does not require such thorough washing.

Leather and leatherette

Genuine leather eventually becomes covered with small cracks. Its artificial counterpart sometimes suffers from the same disease. Help the grief will help ordinary children's cream. It should be applied once a month on the entire surface of the sofa. After processing, let the cream soak, and remove the excess with a paper napkin. An hour later, wipe the sofa with a cloth moistened with soapy water or a product for the care of leather products.

Heavy artillery

Vanish and other specialized means for the care of sofas cope with serious pollution and help maintain an attractive look of upholstered furniture.

As a rule, they are bred with water according to the instructions, whipped into a strong foam, which is applied to the upholstery. Active reagents raise the contamination to the surface and bind dust and dirt particles.After complete drying of the foam, it is enough to vacuum the sofa, and it will again delight you with a clean and pleasant smell.

If special equipment turned out to be powerless against some kind of pollution, the best way out would be to call the cleaning center. Masters of cleanliness and order will dry-clean the upholstered furniture in your home, as well as do deep cleaning of all deep layers of the filler using professional equipment.

As you can see, it is quite possible to cope with most of the pollution yourself with the help of simple improvised means.

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