Tired of fighting with cervical osteochondrosis

I'm tired of fighting with cervical osteochondrosis, and already the head starts to hurt every now and then (Who faced similar, what helped you?


And tried to get to the doctor? What he says?

I understand perfectly well what is headache and cervical osteochondrosis. Here, just drinking pills is not an option at all. It is necessary to think on a larger scale - this is proper nutrition and exercise every day. For myself, I found a lot of useful tips and recommendations here.https://silaspin.ru/simptomi_i_lechenie/golovnaya-bol-pri-shejnom-osteohondroze. One doctor told me that the most important thing is to practice regularly, charging is important for the neck. Then there will be no headaches.

a friend like that, I'll ask her

This is not a joke at all, I have the same ...

Are you sure that you have osteochondrosis, and not another disease? I just don’t want to scare you, but my sister gave such a strong pain a neuroma.https://dr-zavalishin.ru/services/vidi-travm/opuholi-mozga/nevrinoma/from which to really get rid of only promptly. What we did in the neurosurgery department of Dr. Zavalishin.Consult with him about the pain that torments you so much. Maybe nothing is terrible, but maybe ... Get well.

massage from a specialist and charging. If it’s really bad, then the doctor will prescribe pain medication and anti-inflammatory injections.

Massage is a topic.

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