To dream shop: the interpretation of sleep

You can view the shops not only in reality, but also in night dreams. Interpretations of such dreams are varied.

English dream book

If in a dream you were the owner of a large store, it means that in the near future you will achieve success if you are firm and consistent in your actions.

For unmarried people, being a seller and talking to a buyer means meeting a soul mate with which they will quickly find a common language.

East Dream

To dream of a big store filled with all kinds of goods - to prosperity and well-being. If the counters were empty, failures will haunt you.

Own shop, enveloped in fire, speaks about the imminent revival in business and high income.

To stand in a large store and look at the goods - to the support of friends. They will disinterestedly help you to carry out your plans.

Dream Interpretation XXI century

To dream of a store and choose purchases in it for a long time - to receive small, but unexpected and pleasant profits.

If in a dream you attentively examine brightly lit shop windows, one of your friends will be lucky and you will envy him long and painfully.

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