Tom Cruise is ready to give up Scientology for the sake of his daughter

Despite the fact that in Russia the activity of Scientologists has been banned for three years now, in the USA the Church of Scientology is officially recognized by law. And most of all her followers, oddly enough, among the celebrities: the most famous of them are John Travolta, Jada Pinkett-Smith (her husband Will Smith, however, is also quite warm about the organization and regularly makes donations) and, of course, Tom Cruise. The actor joined the Scientologists 28 years ago and is true to his views so far - so much that he sold all the property in the US and moved to the UK to settle at the church. In 2001, Cruz broke up with Nicole Kidman due to the fact that she did not want to follow his convictions, and in 2012, for the same reason, broke up with Katie Holmes, from whom the actor had a daughter, Suri.

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