Top 10 fragrances to help get rid of mosquitoes

We all look forward to summer, because, finally, you can spend more time outdoors. Picnics, walks, hiking trips - all this brings genuine pleasure, if not for one "but." Mosquitoes. These annoying insects can completely ruin a pleasant pastime, even in the walls of their home.

Of course, you can purchase fumigators, sprays, creams or bracelets. But there are simple folk remedies that help to deal with mosquitoes as effectively, but much cheaper and without risk to health.

How to scare away?

It is known that mosquitoes react to a special smell of the human body, so they “love” more than others, less. But even a small bite delivers a lot of unpleasant feelings, and therefore we have selected for you the TOP 10 natural smells that these insects do not like very much.

  1. Tea tree oil. It will not only help to drive out mosquitoes, but also, applied to the site of a bite, will help to remove itching and swelling.Spread the smell is best in the aromalamp, where you need to drip 2-3 drops. But if you have not found one, use a regular paper napkin.
  2. Vanillin. Insects do not like this sweet spice, but people like it very much. Therefore, you can drop a few drops into your regular cream and spread open parts of the body. You can also dilute the powder of vanilla in water and spray it on yourself.
  3. If you have an elder in your garden or in the country, do boldly make a bouquet and carry it home. Aesthetic pleasure to be supplemented also with a quiet sleep without annoying buzzing. The leaves of ordinary tomatoes have the same properties, although they are not so attractive.
  4. Sage and rosemary. Perfect for pleasant gatherings around the campfire. Burn a few sprigs of these plants and for some time get rid of insects.
  5. Carnation If you are going for a walk, then a decoction is useful, which can be done by boiling 1 tsp of inflorescences in boiling water. A small amount of it must be mixed with cologne and applied to open areas of the body. A natural fumigator made from half an orange and a clove stuck into it will fit the house.
  6. Cedar oil. This fragrance frightens off not only mosquitoes, but even flies and cockroaches. Therefore, you will not be afraid of any of the most “harmful” insects if you add a few drops to the aroma lamp.
  7. Caucasian chamomile. It turns out that the dried inflorescences of this plant affect nerve cells of insects, so the chamomile crushed and spread out into small pads will be an excellent way to combat them.
  8. Lavender. Scientists have proven that the essential oil of this plant is toxic to mosquito larvae. Having made small bouquets and spread them out at home, very soon you will enjoy a pleasant aroma, and the mosquitoes will disappear.
  9. Peppermint. It can be grown in a pot on the window or lay out fresh leaves by the bed. For walking, you can use a mint infusion, which should be applied to the skin.
  10. Essential oil of anise and eucalyptus. It works perfectly in the aroma lamp, fireplace, bonfire and even on the napkin soaked in it. But with aroma oils it is worth being careful and carefully read the instructions, they are contraindicated for some people.

Get rid of mosquitoes, as it turns out, is not at all difficult. Do not forget about simple recipes, and let a warm time bring you only pleasure and good mood.

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