Top 10 largest cities in Russia

Russia is a big state, and the cities in it are appropriate. But there are among them the largest. We suggest you to study the rating of large Russian cities.

So, the top ten largest cities in Russia by area:

  1. The first place is deservedly occupied by the capital of the Russian FederationMoscowwhich, by the way, has not only the most impressive area, but also the highest population. The territory occupied by white stone stretches over more than 2.5 thousand square kilometers, and more than twelve million people live there, although their number is constantly increasing. The exact date of the founding of the city is unknown, but it became the center of an independent principality in the distant XIII century. In the period of the Tatar-Mongol yoke, Moscow was destroyed, looted and burned, but then it was fully restored. At the beginning of the 19th century, the capital was re-burnt almost completely (only about 20% of the buildings survived), so the fate of the white-stone cannot be called simple.By the way, the Russian capital is included in the world rating of the largest cities, so that the first place in the “native” top is quite reasonable.
  2. The second place is occupied by the cultural capital of the state, which many considerSt. Petersburg. This is a city with a special atmosphere, and its area is one thousand four hundred thirty nine square kilometers. The population is also quite large - over five million inhabitants. St. Petersburg was founded by order of Peter the Great in 1703, and since then his amazing story began. Thus, the northern capital was the center of as many as three revolutions, the city also experienced floods, fires and other upheavals. But the difficulties hardened him and turned into a real pearl of Russia. And here there really is something to see, and monuments and architectural structures deserve special attention.
  3. On the third line is the city with the title of heroVolgograd. It appeared at the end of the sixteenth century on the legendary Volga trade route. The very first official name is Tsaritsyn, given in honor of the Tsaritsa River that once flowed here. Then the city was renamed Stalingrad, and then became Volgograd, which is still today.The population exceeds one million people, and the area occupied by the territory is 859 square kilometers. Volgograd received the title of hero after the Second World War, during which a significant event took place - the Battle of Stalingrad. It became a turning point and influenced the course of history: after such a difficult victory, Russian soldiers began to fight even more confidently. After the war in Volgograd Mamaev Kurgan appeared, on which is located the highest monument of the country - the Motherland.
  4. In fourth place is the cityPermian,which occupies a little less than 800 square kilometers of Russian territory. About a million people live here, and a settlement appeared in the first half of the 17th century, although the modern name began to be worn only in the middle of the last century. At first the city was called Yoshshikhinsky, and then Molotov. The modern symbol of Perm is considered the big inscription “Happiness is not far off,” but not only it attracts tourists. Gribushin’s house, Theodosievsky church and the Dygilev house also deserve the attention of visitors.
  5. Ufais the capital of Bashkortostan, stretching for 707 square kilometers.This city appeared back in 1574, and at the moment it is an important and largest oil refining, economic, scientific, sports and cultural center of the Russian Federation. And such statuses were confirmed several years ago by the holding of SCO and BRICS summits in Ufa. The population varies within a million inhabitants, but still the city is quite spacious and not densely populated. In addition, Ufa is considered one of the cleanest, greenery and well-kept corners of Russia: there are many parks, monuments, museums, squares and other noteworthy sights.
  6. Tyumenoccupies a little less than 700 km2 of the territory of the Russian Federation. In addition, this city was the first settlement formed in Siberia. The number of inhabitants is relatively small and amounts to 720 thousand people. Tyumen appeared thanks to the decree of Fyodor Ivanovich, who was the third heir to Ivan the Terrible. And the beginning of the story was the construction of the Tyumen prison. Today the city can safely be called a major research and scientific center, and this has contributed to the extraction of gas and oil in the region.Currently, a number of research and development centers operate in the regional center, the main activity of which is the oil and gas complex.
  7. Orsk. This city occupies 621 square kilometers of the area of ​​Russia, but the population is small and amounts to only about 230 thousand people, so it’s more than spacious here. It is worth noting that Orsk is a district and city of regional subordination located in the Orenburg region. The name most likely was given in honor of the River Or, which crosses the territory and flows into the larger Urals, dividing the land into the Asian part (the so-called Old Town) and the European (New Town). Special charm give powerful mountains, which offers stunning views. The city has a well-developed industrial sector, and in this area, most people are employed. And on the territory there are several dozen archaeological sites.
  8. Kazan- not only the picturesque capital of the Tatar Republic, but also the largest Russian religious, scientific, cultural, economic center. It is also one of the most important ports on the bank of the Volga, which many unofficially call the third capital.It is believed that the history of Kazan began at the very beginning of the distant eleventh century, but today it is an incredibly beautiful and modern city that every Russian must visit. The territory has its own Kazan Kremlin, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Also in Kazan is one of the largest and most picturesque mosques. Not so long ago, the city began to develop as an international center of sports. Local authorities pay attention to the development of tourism, so all visitors here really like it.
  9. VoronezhSpread on the banks of the reservoir of the same name, as well as the Don and Voronezh rivers, occupying 596 square kilometers. And it is this location that makes the city incredibly beautiful and special. The population exceeds 1.2 million people. The city is considered the center of the regular Russian Navy and the official homeland of the airborne units. But this is far from everything: in Voronezh there are a lot of beautiful places and sights, and both architectural monuments and modern compositions, such as the sculpture, known to all residents and tourists, dedicated to a kitten from Lizyukov Street. There is also a sculpture of White Beam.
  10. The last tenth place isOmsk,which area is 572 square kilometers. This city is the second most populous in all of Siberia, and the number of inhabitants exceeds 1,178,000 people. In addition, it is also the most important transport hub, crossed by the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. Even here the navigable river Irtysh flows. During the Civil War, Omsk wore the unofficial name of the capital of the Russian state, it is still considered the birthplace and center of the Siberian Cossack troops. But also today the city is the cultural and industrial heart of Siberia. Sights here are many, so tourists have something to see.

These were the largest cities of the Russian Federation.

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