Top 10 most expensive cities in the world

You with a sinking heart review photos of luminous skyscrapers, ancient squares and literally dream to visit the most expensive and popular clubs, restaurants and galleries of the world? Then it's time for you to go to the most developed, economically strong and socially stable cities on the planet, which annually attract a large number of tourists, as well as those wishing to permanently gain a foothold in the walls of these megacities.


But not everything is so simple, stunning views and an exciting picture of development are costly for local residents who know from all sides what it means to live in a real expensive metropolis. Are you ready to pay about 3-4 thousand American dollars for housing, as well as 10 dollars for a loaf of bread?

If so, then we have prepared for your attention the top 10 most expensive cities in the world, famous places where it is difficult to survive without having a good and stable income.

Below is the official rating, which was compiled by authoritative publications in 2014 and is based on 400 different indicators of life: starting from utility tariffs, ending with the price for fuel,cost of products in supermarkets and in ordinary markets.

10. Copenhagen

Just last year, the capital of Denmark did not make the first ten happy with its presence, but as a result of a decent rise in prices for gasoline, food and cigarettes, it moved to the tenth line with confidence.


Needless to say, like most Scandinavian cities, Copenhagen can boast of its cleanliness, comfort and livability, life here is very pleasant and measured, but you also have to pay for using such services in full.

9. Melbourne

The second largest city in Australia with amazing swiftness is gaining momentum in all spheres of public life. Surprisingly, some 10 years ago, the Australian continent did not occupy a single position in the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world, but now the situation has changed dramatically.


This is partly due to the growth of the Australian dollar, as well as the fact that the headquarters of the largest banks in the Pacific region are based here, significantly affecting the level of income tax.

8. Geneva

Despite the fact that this is not the largest city in Switzerland, it ranks second in terms of residence among the other cities of this wonderful country.


Despite the fact that a high standard of living is fair here for the whole country as a whole, in a small town of Geneva the average budget level of an average family with two children can be 3,000 US dollars, which is very decent for a city with such a population.

7. Tokyo

Surprisingly, the capital of the country of the Rising sun occupied top positions in the rating that year, and in this it dropped to the seventh, possibly as a result of the weakening of the Japanese official currency.


In spite of this, this cost of living in this metropolis simply outweighs all imaginable boundaries: local residents, and those who are not always able to afford to acquire all that is necessary for life. Tokyo remains the most expensive city in relation to the cost of food, in addition, it is characterized by a fairly high tax on transport, which particularly affected large-sized machines.

6. Caracas

The only city in South America that is on the list is the capital of Venezuela. In many ways, the high level of prices here is justified by the inconvenient geographical location of the capital, because most of the food products are imported from distant countries, hence the high price for their implementation.


In addition, Caracas was in the rating also because the prices for many services here are artificially inflated, as well as the official exchange rate.

5. Sydney

Another Australian city, which is already quite firmly settled on the list of the most expensive cities in the world. As in Melbourne, there is a strong increase in the Australian dollar, which strongly affects the welfare of the local population, and, consequently, the level of taxes. There is a high level of prices for rental housing, rental vehicles and products, which makes this city very "biting" for visitors and tourists.


4. Zürich

How can the birthplace of Swiss banks and the unofficial financial capital of the world, which, according to analysts, has a huge weight in pricing policies, both in the country and in part of Europe, cannot be included in the list of the most expensive and luxurious cities in the world? Of course not!


A place that millionaires and celebrities adore, the price of first consumption goods here is an order of magnitude, and even several orders of magnitude higher than on similar products practically all over the world! Comfortable, cozy, clean and comfortable city, to survive in which it is real only with a thick wallet in his bosom.

3. Oslo

Norway has long established itself as one of the most expensive countries in the world, and its capital - even more so. Expensive here, first of all, foodstuffs and public transport fare cost, utility payments do not lag behind.


True, in fairness it should be noted that prices here remain at a fairly stable level, and sometimes even lower. This year, the lion's share of the subsistence minimum of Norwegians is the payment for social services, for example, going to the dentist or the beauty salon will cost you very much.

2. Paris


The center of world fashion, art and simply fascinating architecture has always been distinguished by impressive prices for goods and services. This year the capital of France took the honorable second place due to incredibly high prices for travel and food, for example, a kilogram loaf of bread, here you will cost about $ 9, and a bottle of inexpensive French wine, at least $ 12. But, it is not necessary to deny, the level of services and product quality here remains at a very high level.

1. Singapore

The city-country, the city-capital, which is developing at an incredible pace in all spheres of life, takes the first place with confidence.The high level of product prices is justified by the fact that Singapore has nothing of its own, everything is imported from afar.


High comfort of life here is paid off by high taxes, for example, it is here that the world's highest tax on own vehicle is introduced, it is they who take away most of their salaries from the population. But the locals do not have to complain, because the high level of taxes ensures the prosperity of the entire state as a whole, and hence the standard of living of its citizens separately.

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