Top 10 of the most famous streets in the world

In every city, even the smallest one, there are dozens, or even hundreds, of various streets and streets, boulevards and avenues, each of which performs its own specific set of functions.

However, there are also streets in the world that are of the greatest importance, they are recognized from a wide range of angles, described in works of art and, of course, seek to get there to, at least a little touch history.

Little street

These are streets that are not just popular in the city or country, they have already become its chip. This popularity is not without reason, it is usually the case in the peculiarities of the street: it is possible that important historical events took place on it, or it may be the center of the financial life of the city, and indeed the whole country, the place of the cluster of the most famous clubs or shops, and perhaps it is just a street with the most unusual layout or architecture.

Especially for you, we have compiled the top 10 of the most famous and visited streets all over the world, who knows, maybe soon you will be lucky to encounter such sights with your own eyes.Or maybe, having familiarized with our list, you will be inspired and decide to visit one of them, by all means!

  • Champs Elysees, Paris

Perhaps, one of the most famous streets of the whole world is the beautiful and unique Champs Elysees. The fields are not fields at all, but a large and lively street, which has often been seen in the literary works of French and other world writers, was photographed and drawn by the most famous artists from all possible and impossible angles. The street starts from the Place de la Concorde and extends to the equally famous Arc de Triomphe.

Champs Elysees, Paris

In the distant 18th century, Queen Catherine de Medici ordered a new three-lane path to be laid, where a calm and relaxing environment was supposed to be used, for good reason she used Elusia in her name, which translates as “a place to relax.”

Many years have passed since then, the street has transformed, expanded and transformed; now it is always crowded and rather noisy here, especially during holidays and military parades.

  • Lombard Street, San Francisco

This street is popular precisely because of its unique curly shape, which allows to smooth out the slope of the hill, on which it, in fact, is located.The plot is quite small, but what an original! There are 8 quite sharp turns on the road, which are called “roller coaster”.

Lombard Street

Driving along this street is only one-way, the speed limit is 8 km / h, and the driver must have good maneuvering skills! Maybe you should try yourself on Lombard Street?

  • Wall Street, New York

There are such streets on which, as they say, experts, it is written the real world history. So it was here: for about 100 years, Wall Street was the recognized financial capital of the world, where many serious financial organizations started their businesses, including the famous New York Stock Exchange.

Wall Street, New York

It was here that the Great Depression was born, which provoked the collapse of the stock market in the late 20s of the last century. The economic crisis of 2008 began here, and today, for sure, a new, still unknown, story is being written there.

  • Picadilly Circus, London

All fans of the series "Sherlock" and the film about the little wizard "Harry Potter" is dedicated, because this street often flashes in these, and many other world films.

Picadilly Circus, London

This is the most famous transport interchange, and in combination, the most popular square in London, which contains the coolest nightclubs, shops, theaters, monuments and, of course, a large number of people, each of which is in a hurry about their business.

  • Broadway, New York

The longest and widest street in the city, it’s not for nothing that Broadway translates as “wide path”. In addition, Broadway is considered the oldest of all the major streets in the world, and its curved shape violates the well-known New York "square-sectional" layout.

Broadway, New York

It is a famous cultural center of the country, it housed the famous Theater District, as well as the most prestigious American exhibition.

  • Rambla, Barcelona

The central street of the city of Barcelona never dudes and does not calm down, there is always a holiday here and a lot of people! Rambla is said to have its own unique energy that nourishes and inspires. There are always open many cafes, restaurants, bars, street artists, shops and it is considered one of the most beautiful streets in Europe.

Rambla, Barcelona

  • Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Another famous American street, which is located in a small town of New Orleans.The street is a holiday, the street is a party, the lights are always on here, the most incredible and crazy festivities are arranged on it, and, according to rumors, on Halloween it is here that all the “saints” and even “not saints” come to life.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Bourbon Street is filled with colorful cafes, clubs, and other nightlife, as, in fact, the name itself says.

  • Gran Via, Madrid

Construction of this street began in the middle of the last century, it was spent as much as 25 years before the Gran Via was completely finished. Today it is the most commercial street of the capital, because of which it is very crowded with cars and people, and therefore walks at rush hour here can even be dangerous.

Gran Via, Madrid

But the rest of the time, there really is something to admire - huge buildings and monuments of architecture, decorated with large columns, cornices and luxurious balconies, as well as the first city skyscraper - the building of Telefika.

As for shops and goods, here you can find absolutely everything, and if you couldn’t find something, as the Spaniards themselves say, you can’t find anywhere else, you still will not find it.

  • Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg

Once described in the work of Dostoevsky, Nevsky Prospect has become very popular among foreign tourists, and especially students.Naturally, it is not only a matter of literary glorification!

Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg

The avenue once laid by Great Peter himself is literally overflowing with the spirit of the tsarist period, its greatness and beauty is difficult to describe with any words. So go for a personal viewing!

  • Magnificent Mile, Chicago

A peculiar response of the Americans to the French from Eliseevskie Fields. The magnificent mile is always full of life, it is filled with people and transport, it houses the most expensive five-star hotels, a variety of museums, exclusive shops, as well as cozy and inviting nightlife.

Magnificent Mile, Chicago

In the shops of the Magnificent Mile you can always buy goods of typical American brands - Nike, Apple, Disney and so on. Do you like a vibrant and active life? Then you are in Chicago, because the Magnificent Mile will not let anyone get bored.

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