Top 10 reasons to go to Larnaca

Cyprus is a paradise in the world, in which everyone dreams. And to get to know this island better and enjoy an amazing holiday, you should visit Larnaca. Find out why you need to go to this resort.

General Information about Larnaca

Larnaca is the third largest city of Cyprus, located near the southeastern coast. Some scientists consider this place to be one of the oldest, and it really has an interesting history: the resort is considered to be Kition's successor, and this city-state, according to legends, was founded by the grandson of Noah Kittim.

In addition, it is believed that the legendary philosopher Zeno was born here. Then Larnaca was ruled by Alexander the Great, later - in the possession of the Ptolemies, and then it began to be considered part of Byzantium.

An interesting fact: the name of the city was given for a reason: a lot of ancient sarcophagi were found on the territory, which in Greek are called “Larnaca”.

Why visit this city?

If you are still in doubt, we offer 10 good reasons to go on holiday to such a heavenly place as Larnaca:

  1. Location and road.You can fly from the capital of Russia to heavenly Cyprus in just a few hours, and this is very pleasing. In addition, Larnaca has its own international airport, so it is possible to reach the resort by direct flight. And if you decide to first visit other cities of the island, then you can get to Larnaca both on a local airliner and by water transport by sea, which will bring additional vivid emotions.
  2. A pleasant and mild climate, which is considered a typical Mediterranean. Sunny days delight almost all year round and in any season, although precipitation is possible in winter. And yet the gloomy weather on Larnaca is a rarity, so you can not be afraid of sudden changes in temperature and natural disasters. In order to enjoy the gentle rays of the sun and get a smooth chocolate tan, it is best to fly here from early May to around October. In winter, evenings can be cool in the evenings, so a windbreaker or jacket is useful. But even at this time of the year the sea does not cool down and maintains comfortable temperatures, and tourists swim in it with pleasure.
  3. Larnaca is ideal for a romantic trip, and for a relaxing family holiday with children.There are entertainment for every taste: night bars and clubs, cafes and restaurants, various excursions, numerous happy holidays, amusement parks (one of the largest in all of Cyprus - “Lucky Star Park”) and much more. In addition, the sea is calm here, and the bottom is even and without a steep descent, so parents can not worry about the little ones.
  4. Cuisine is another good reason to visit the magnificent Larnaca. Greek culinary traditions will definitely suit you, because all the dishes are delicious, colorful, bright, healthy, light and practically dietary and, undoubtedly, tasty! They are prepared from a variety of vegetables, seafood and fish, olives, meat, as well as Greek fermented milk products. Moreover, ordering a full-fledged lunch or dinner, you will definitely not only satisfy your hunger, but you don’t want to eat anytime soon. The portions here are large, and their remnants the friendly Cypriots happily wrap with them. And by all means try the local light and aromatic wines!
  5. Stunning landscapes that will give aesthetic pleasure and allow you to make a luxurious photo that absolutely will be the reason for envy. Here you can see gardens with sprawling olive trees, numerous fragrant plants in the park or botanical garden,beautiful architectural structures, incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, a lot of picturesque places and even spellbinding with its grace and beauty of pink flamingos.
  6. One of the advantages of Larnaka are the beaches of this resort. First, the main city is constantly kept clean. Secondly, visiting most of the beaches is absolutely free, in addition, you can use your own accessories or cheaply rent them on site. Thirdly, a beach holiday will give you a warm, transparent and calm almost always sea, as well as sandy shores. Although the sand here is not white, it is absolutely clean and very pleasant. And, finally, there are many beaches on Larnaca (their total length is about twenty-five kilometers), so there is enough space for everyone and you will not encounter crowds of tourists, such as in Turkey or Egypt.
  7. Larnaca is an affordable holiday, which is not expensive for even the very rich tourists. First of all, most of the hotels are rendered “non-star”: the living conditions in them are quite comfortable, but at the same time booking a room will not hit your budget.In addition, food and drinks are also not very expensive, so you will be able to enjoy local cuisine throughout the rest at no extra cost.
  8. Sights. If you want to not only relax, but also culturally enrich yourself and get new information, then in Larnaca you can find many interesting places, some of which have an amazing long-term history. Therefore, prepare comfortable shoes that protect your head from the sun and go on a tour or an independent walking tour through the city. A relatively small size of the resort will pay attention to all interesting places.
  9. Incredible diving. It is available even for beginners: to the services of tourists are coaches and training centers. You can dive into the Mediterranean almost all year round, and in its depths you can see amazing variety of aquatic creatures, as well as wrecks, including luxurious ones, belonging to the first class.
  10. Amazing culture. On the one hand, Larnaca is a resort city, which inevitably undergoes various trends and absorbs something new brought by tourists.But, on the other hand, the resort is not very large and not the most popular, and therefore the locals managed to preserve the distinctive original Cypriot traditions. The result was a unique and colorful mix of modernity and history. And the people here are very good-natured, friendly and not sophisticated, so they will welcome you with joy and with all the Cypriot hospitality in their homeland and help you if necessary.

What sights to pay attention to?

What to see on holiday in Larnaca? The following sights deserve special attention:

  • Having a Byzantine origin and is considered the Orthodox Church of St. Lazarus.
  • The majestic Larnaca castle.
  • Every self-respecting tourist should definitely visit the private archaeological Museum of Pieridis.
  • To plunge into the amazing history of the resort, go to the Museum of the excavation of Kition.
  • Pottery, located in the quarter of craftsmen, where you can see the magnificent creations of local craftsmen and true masterpieces of art.
  • One of the most favorite places among visitors and locals is the beautiful Finikoudes Embankment, which is also called the date palm embankment.Visiting this place, you can take refuge in the shade of exotic trees and enjoy the fascinating Mediterranean landscapes.
  • Salt Lake Aliki.
  • The majestic fort of Larnaca.
  • Monastery of Stavrovouni.
  • Once a huge Zenobia ferry sunken in the Mediterranean waters. But this attraction is available only to divers.

If you decide to go for a vacation, now you will surely want to visit sunny and surprising Larnaca.

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