Top 10 reasons to visit the city of Porto

If you decide to go to Portugal, then by all means visit the beautiful city of Porto! But first, find out the reasons why it is worth going here.

So, here are 10 reasons to visit the beautiful city of Porto:


The Portuguese are very fond of celebrations and holidays, and Porto, in general, can be called a center of entertainment. It just will not get bored! Firstly, here, practically for any reason and even without them, various processions, carnivals and even costume balls are arranged. And all these activities are instantly captured and literally dizzy.

They are accompanied by musical performances, chic fireworks, colorful numbers and, of course, an abundance of food. The lovers of nightlife will also be pleased, because Porto has many clubs and other similar establishments. If you want to have fun and have fun, then go to the suburb of Matosinhos or Ribeira embankment.

2. Cultural life

Fun is fun, but too banal.It is much more useful to develop and be enlightened culturally and spiritually. And in Porto you will definitely have such an opportunity.

In this city there are a lot of museums, theaters and concert halls, so everyone can find something to their liking and plunge into the culture of the city and the country as a whole. And Porto is considered the center of purely Portuguese Fado music. And to hear it, you will not have to go anywhere, because here it sounds literally from everywhere!

3. Nature

Here she is just amazing, and it can be seen in the photo.

  • Firstly, the city is located literally a few kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean, and even on a hill, so you can definitely enjoy the stunning sea views.
  • Secondly, literally through the whole Porto there is a deep and rather wide river Douro, and it is also very, very beautiful.
  • Thirdly, there are a lot of parks in the city, in which you can not only relax and unwind, but also enjoy the incredibly clean air and special atmosphere.

And if bad weather scares you, then you can safely relax, because it's not hot and not cold here, and the sun shines almost all year round.

4. Local cuisine

Portuguese dishes are considered very hearty and relatively simple, for which many people love them.For the preparation of used for many products: meat, rice, fish, vegetables, seafood and so on. But since the Portuguese are “hot” and emotional, the dishes are flavored with spices, which makes them especially savory.

And if you want to try something unusual, then go to one of the local restaurants and order, for example, codfish stew with peas, caviar from olives, feijoad, monkfish, wolf bass or goat cheese with a thick crust. Do you like desserts? And there are a lot of them here, all appetizing and fragrant, as confectioners add cinnamon and almonds to them.

5. Wines

Did you know that the city of Porto gave the name not only to the whole country (it was once its capital and the most important city), but also the well-known drink in the whole world - port wine? And, of course, it is here that it is prepared according to classic recipes, so it is here that it turns out just amazing. The most popular port is Vinho do Porto.

The best winemakers make it according to the rules that have not changed since the Middle Ages, and then they knew a lot about drinks of this kind. But if it seems too strong to you (of course, because it’s about 18-23 degrees), then by all means try the local wine. Delicious sparkling wines and light wine drinks are also popular.In general, if you decide to go on holiday in Porto, be sure to try the local drinks. But do not overdo it! They are intoxicating, as is the local air.

6. Bridges

Sometimes Porto is called the city of bridges, and it is not surprising, because there are a lot of them across the Douro River. But these are not ordinary bridges that many are used to seeing. There are those that are built on the latest technologies and are not only convenient from a technological point of view, but also interesting and unique.

And some are known almost all over the world. So, the railway bridge Ponte de Dona-Maria-Pia was built according to the project of Gustave Eiffel himself, who built the Eiffel Tower. And it was this building that glorified the architect.

Also of particular note is the metal two-level bridge Ponte de Don-Luis, which was designed and built by the student of Eiffel, Theophilus Seyrig. By the way, from almost every bridge there are amazing views.

7. Attractions

  • First, it is a stunning view of architectural structures, many of which were built several centuries ago.
  • Secondly, there are a lot of different cathedrals and churches, and they are all very beautiful.
  • Thirdly, in the city you can find a lot of palaces and towers (in some of them, by the way, you can go in to enjoy stunning views).

In general, everything here is literally beautiful, including the embankment, the station and even ordinary houses. Therefore, you should definitely come to Porto, especially if you are a connoisseur of beauty or just want to see something new and unusual.

8. Beaches

Although the Porto beach holiday center can not be called, but still there are beaches here, and well equipped and very beautiful. They are covered with sand or small pebbles and extend from one of the districts of the city to the very place where the Douro River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. All beaches are surrounded by cliffs, which gives them a special atmosphere.

And on one of them is a stunning and disturbing imagination sculpture, created by nature itself, called "Fisherman". In contour, it resembles a fishing net, for which it was named that way. In addition, the beaches can not only sunbathe, but also engage in water sports, as well as a snack in one of the local cafes that serve the freshest seafood and fish.

9. People

The Portuguese are a special people.They are very proud of their culture and are offended when they are compared, for example, with the Spaniards or Italians. All residents lead a measured and calm way of life, so watching them is a pleasure. For tourists, they are good-naturedly, always ready to help if needed.

But if you try to offend or insult the Portuguese, then he will definitely find the answer, because honor and dignity for this people come first. Particular attention deserves the appearance of residents. All of them take care of themselves, so at any time of the day they look amazing, which is good news.

10. Football

The city has its own football club of the same name, which, by the way, has not only existed for more than a century, but is also known all over the world, as it often takes prizes in championships, not only national but also world ones. To this day, club players are considered among the strongest in the world, so you should look at their game.

Are you still in doubt? Now you know all the reasons why you should definitely visit the magnificent city of Porto!

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