Top 5 most strange works of modern art

1Modern art is so contradictory and often absurd that it causes a lot of controversy and criticism. The most ardent opponents are, as a rule, adherents of classical art, with its strict canons, rules and requirements. After all, what is not present in contemporary art is the hard framework that limits artists, dictates to them what to create and how to create. That is why the most ardent opponents of modern art in general cast doubt on the fact that these works can be attributed to art.

So let's push the boundaries of familiar perception and take a look at what causes so much controversy. We present to your attention the TOP-5 of the strangest works of modern art.

№1 Kazimir Malevich "Black Square", 1915

Perhaps the most popular work of modern art. Despite,that the author even wrote a note “From Cubism and Futurism to Suprematism” to substantiate the creation of this unusual picture, many still doubt whether it has artistic value.



№2 Marcel Duchamp "The Fountain", 1917

This conceptual artist used as a material for his work ... an ordinary urinal! Marcel Duchamp is a pioneer, he first came up with the idea that an ordinary household item can also become a part of something bigger - ideas and art. And so the Ready-made technique appeared, extending to many genres of art.



No.3 Barnett Newman "Onement I", 1948

A masterpiece of abstract expressionism and a great copy of primitive art. Despite its simplicity, the picture makes an impression and erases the limitations within the picture itself.


# 4 Mike Kelly, “More hours of love than can be recovered, and payment for sins,” 1987

This work in the genre of conceptualism is made of soft toys glued to the canvas. The artist sought to convey the image of childhood with the help of these materials. Dolls cause the audience a lot of emotions and associations.


№5 Tracy Emin «My Bed», 1998

British artist Tracy Emin has created a work of modern art from a mattress, bed linen and many small objects. This work is about the difficult period in the artist's life, during which she experienced a deep depression.


It was the TOP-5 of the strangest works of modern art. Perhaps you have found in these works some special meaning relevant to your life? Share your impressions in the comments!

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