Top best ideas for backyard design

Not everyone who has a patio on a private plot within the city or behind it can fulfill all the ambitious desires for its improvement.

Many express their ideas on the design of the territory on a small piece of land, so it is important to know how to do it with taste, in an original way and without cluttering up the space. We offer the best ideas for arranging the backyard.

No. 1: Dining table In the summer it's nice to eat near the house, in the fresh air. For lunch and dinner we offer to equip a special area. In order to create a pleasant comfortable atmosphere in a modern style, hang curtains made of flowing fabric, install lanterns, and garlands. Choose outdoor pieces of furniture that will look harmoniously together. Close to the dining table can be a flower bed with perennial plants or kadushki with indoor flowers.

# 2: Playground If you have children, it’s important to purchase an interesting sports tool that allows you to have fun alone or with friends. Every child dreams of a tree house. Small in size, but the original hut can be arranged even on a compact area. Children will enjoy a large board for playing checkers or chess, which can be lined with garden tiles. A wooden fence can be equipped to have a drawing place. It is enough to process its part with special coloring compositions that prepare the surface.

No. 3: Outdoor seating area We need to purchase several wicker chairs, a small sofa, a table, warm blankets and soft pillows for a comfortable stay. It is possible to add these objects with the help of an arbor, a canopy, a swing. The lanterns that make the atmosphere more romantic and relaxing look good.

№4: A place for a barbecue For information on what kinds of barbecues are available, click on the link. The courtyard of a private house is an ideal place for cooking fragrant food on fire.The best option would be not only a barbecue, but also a full grill and even a stone stove. For lovers of gatherings around the campfire and grilled meat in nature is recommended.

No. 5: Flower Garden and Garden Area Despite the fact that at first glance the flower garden seems to be a commonplace idea, the modern possibilities of landscape design are inexhaustible. Complete the flower beds with decorative stonework, pots, stands, sculptures.

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