Topographic survey of a land plot: stages and composition of work

According to the law, the preparation of a project for the construction of a capital object must be carried out after a survey performed by a licensed company, for example, or by an individual who has a certificate for this type of work. The result of the research is the topographic plan of the site at a given scale, in accordance with which the design is carried out. In addition, topography solves a number of tasks:

  • obtaining a town planning plan for a land plot (GPZU);
  • clearance of construction permits
  • planning and coordination of the connection to engineering communications;
  • landscaping, landscaping;
  • counting trees on the territory (country-wide survey).

Surveying Stages

The most popular in the construction is topographical survey on a scale of 1: 500, can be both general and special purpose. Performed in several stages:

  1. Receiving and agreeing on a Technical Specification, concluding a contract for work.
  2. Collect baseline data, study archival materials.
  3. Breakdown of geodetic grid.
  4. Shooting relief, ground and underground structures, hidden engineering highways.
  5. Cameral processing of the information received, drawing up a topographical plan (map), drawing up a Technical Report.
  6. Coordination of project documentation in controlling instances.

At the request of the customer, the shooting scale can be changed. For drawing up landscape projects it is applied M1: 50 - M: 200. Citywide maps are prepared in the scale range of 1: 5000 - 1: 10000 and more.

Composition of work

The list of geodetic works in the preparation of a package of project documentation for industrial and residential buildings includes:

  • linking the area to the local coordinate system;
  • breakdown of construction basis;
  • calculation of the volume of earth masses for the excavation
  • basement breakdown;
  • removal in nature of the main and auxiliary axes of the structure;
  • installation of installation equipment.

Estimated project documentation for linear structures (roads, railways, bridges, engineering highways) includes:

  • compiling a topographic geodatabase;
  • tracing the lines of the proposed construction;
  • taking the structure axes back to nature.

The shelf life of a topographic plan is 3 years.

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