Ugly shoes: what sandals to buy for the summer

Bright sport sandals

The choice between beautiful and comfortable sandals and sport sandals will not be easy, but once upon a time we didn’t even consider sneakers as shoes outside the gym. And something tells us that the more color models are available, the more chances we have to “betray” any other shoes in the summer.

Marc Jacobs Sandals

Sandals Marc Jacobs (21 800 rub.)

Sandals on the platform

In addition to convenience, sporty sandals also delicately solve the problem codenamed “I want to be taller”. For example, this pair will definitely add you 5–6 centimeters to height without having to wear high heels.

Bershka Sandals

Bershka Sandals (2,599 rubles)

Half open sneakers

This season, well-known sport brands and designer brands have taken up sports sandals, and those who have “figured out” faster cannot even be disassembled. Better to focus on finding original models, like this hybrid of sneakers and sandals for a naughty summer.

Nike Sandals

Sandals Nike (£ 60 at a discount)

Sports sandals on the platform

More fashionable collaborations, good and different! This time before you is an unexpected union of Puma and British Sophia Webster, who makes her perky and original women's shoes mainly on her heels.Together with Puma, Sofia “condescended” to sporty sandals with stars and unicorns.

Puma x Sophia Webster Sandals

Sandals Puma x Sophia Webster (16 620 rub.)

Flip flops on the platform

If not for sports, then for the beach for sure: we included these sandals in the selection, because they reminded us of shoes from childhood. And by the way, a long time ago, in the 90s, we wore them with short denim shorts, but we were not yet aware of what exactly means “to be in trend.”

Sandals Stradivarius

Sandals Stradivarius (2 999 rubles)

Sport sandals with straps

If we mentioned our men above, we will save one pair in the review especially for them in case you are in search of a useful man's gift. We have found the Teva brand, according to the description, the “immortal” model of sandals, which promises depreciation when walking and also protection against bacteria and unpleasant odors.

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