Unusual ceramic tiles from Morocco. Craftsmen create masterpieces by hand.

Among the many Moroccan crafts, my eye is most pleased with zellige, a special kind of mosaic. In the 11th century, inspired by Roman palace mosaics, artisans from this African country began to create a panel with complex geometric patterns.

The peculiarity of the Moroccan mosaic is its artisanal way of production even in our time. This makes each design unique. Masters manually, with the help of a heavy hammer, sharpen each element, choosing the color and shape. The thickness of the mosaic depends on what surface it will be laid. For walls, columns, countertops do not very thick fragments. For flooring, garden paths, the thickness of the tiles is 2 cm. The mosaic is laid face down, i.е. the wizard does not see the drawing until it has completely laid out the piece for editing.

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