Unusual interior with air bubble panel

Inside, the panels filled with water or glycerin rise up, twist, or create a mesmerizing chaos of myriad air bubbles. You can observe their movement by developing tracking skills. And you can just immerse yourself in meditation and forget about problems for a while.

What are water bubble panels?

Modern and simple technologies are used to create airborne panels. The bubbles move between two sheets of plastic or acrylic glass, generated by compressors and passed through the tubes. It uses LED backlight.

Where are water walls used?

You can find out about their ever-increasing popularity by referring to the example of famous restaurants, airports and buildings. Water-bubble panels adorn the walls of the Beijing National Swimming Center, also known as the Water Cube.It hosted swimming competitions during the 2008 Olympic Games. The walls of an unusual building consist of water panels of various sizes, shining in the dark thanks to the LEDs.
Horizontal or vertical panels intrigue and calm at the same time, no matter where they are: in a commercial space, in a restaurant, office or in a residential area.
No less beautiful are the vertical cylindrical columns in restaurants in Hong Kong, Tokyo Airport, or bar panels at the Atlantic City casino in New Jersey, USA.
Panels and columns of different sizes, lamps, tables - all this can be found on the modern market of water-bubble devices to complement the interior. The panels can decorate the walls, use them as partitions or put them inside the room. The hallway, living room and study are ideal rooms for such unusual decorations.

What are the advantages of the water bubble panel?

Beautiful water panels are universal, because they fit any budget and will look great in any room.
This is a true work of art, which is very beneficial if you want to attract customers or add zest to the office.
Bubble panels are comparable in their function to fountains and aquariums, but, unlike them, they do not require special attention and care. All that should be done is to wipe the surface of the panels, cleaning it from fingerprints and other contaminants, and sometimes to replenish the supply of water in them.
Columns, lamps and tables with built-in air-bubble panels will fill any space with a relaxing and attractive atmosphere.

Order or make yourself?

To make air-water panels is very difficult. It is better to buy or order them from specialists. The manufacturer will take care to create the panel of the desired size, style, and provide the necessary level of security. Since the panels are usually used water, you need to make the box sealed. At home it is quite difficult. In addition, experts will take into account the wishes regarding the size of the bubbles, the speed of their movement and light effects.

The main characteristics of the air-bubble panels

When installing a water-air panel in your home, keep in mind some of its features.
The dimensions of the panels range from the smallest (desktop panels) to the largest (dimensions of the house wall).
The main panel often consists of several compartments connected together.Thanks to this design, the air pockets are located directly inside the panel, and the air does not move erratically, but along a predetermined trajectory.
Panels with such air supply channels are safer, since they are less likely to leak.
The panel is mounted on the base in which the tubes, pump and LEDs are hidden, that is, the entire operating system of the panel.
The frame for the panel is made of polymeric materials.
The panel is a closed system of water supply, so the supply of water in it must be regularly replenished.
The panel is easy to maintain, looks beautiful in any interior.
Use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the panel from fingerprints or grease.

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